Home Learning & Home Study Courses At Your Fingertips

NCC has hundreds of home learning & home study courses available. Whether you are wanting to touch-up on your existing qualifications or want to start a new course and learn something new, they have a range of courses for you!

Win an online course of your choice Home Learning & Home Study Courses At Your Fingertips


The core subjects of English, Math, and Science, as well as literacy and numeracy, are all coveted by employers. By topping up on these core subjects, you may find more employment doors and opportunities will come your way!

Changing  your career can be very scary for some people, but also quite exciting! If you are looking for a specific career such as Teaching Assistant, Counselling or Life Coaching, NCC can help with that.

Home Learning & Home Study Courses At Your Fingertips

They have many different online home study courses, both in paper and online formats, to cater for each individual circumstance, all packaged with great support too. There are various levels of qualifications too, including an impressive range of vocational qualifications linked to many sectors in the industry.

By studying at home, from your computer, you are able to study around your busy life. NCC has a range of adult learning courses in subjects you will find interesting. You can take the home courses at your own pace and get the help available from their expert course tutors and student support team so you are never left alone!

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Out of the below selection, one person will win a course of their choice, from the NCC Home Learning website!

Which Would You Choose?

Advanced Counselling (NCC)
Asperger Syndrome Awareness (NCC)
Autism Awareness (NCC)
Autism Awareness for Educators (NCC)
Beauty Therapy (NCC)
Beauty Treatment Consultant (NCC)
Business Administration (NCC)
Business Start-up (NCC)
Challenging Behaviour Children and Young People (NCC)
Child Care (NCC)
Child Development 0-5 (NCC)
Child Minding (NCC)
Child Psychology (NCC)
Childcare & Early Learning (NCC)
CIEH Level 1 Principles Fire Safety (NCC)
CIEH Principles Fire Safety
Counselling (NCC)
Course restoration in progress copy 1
Creative Writing (NCC)
Criminal Psychology (NCC)
Criminalistics ( NCC )
Criminalistics (NCC)
Criminology (NCC)
CyberCrime (NCC)
Deaf Awareness (NCC)
Dementia Awareness (NCC)
Diabetes Awareness (NCC)
Diabetes Children & Young People (NCC – PDF)
Diabetes Children & Young People (NCC)
Dog Grooming – (NCC)
Dyslexia Awareness (NCC)
Event Management (NCC)
Food Hygiene (NCC)
Forensic Ballistics – (NCC)
Forensic Linguistics (NCC)
Forensic Psychology (NCC)
Forensic Science (NCC)
Genealogy (NCC)
Healthy Eating and Nutrition (NCC)
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (NCC)
Human Resource Management (NCC)
Human Resources (NCC)
Infection Control for Tattooist (NCC)
Infection Control for Tattooists and Piercing Professionals (NCC)
Language and The Law – Forensic Linguistics (NCC)
Learning Disabilities Awareness (NCC)
Learning Disability Awareness (NCC)
Life Coaching (NCC)
Marketing & Media – (NCC)
Marketing (NCC)
Media Studies (NCC)
Mental Health Awareness (NCC)
Neuro-linguistic programming (NCC) copy 1
Neurological Conditions (NCC)
Nursery Nurse (NCC)
Nutrition & Weight Management – (NCC)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (NCC)
Personal Assistant (NCC)
Plan Your Own Wedding (NCC)
Prevent Duty Training (NCC)
Prevent Duty Training SS (NCC)
Principles Of Medication Admin in Schools (NCC)
Professional Dog Grooming – (NCC)
Professional Reflexologist (NCC)
Professional Reflexologist (NCC) copy 1
Psychology (NCC)
Psychology of Criminal Profiling (NCC)
Psychology of Criminal Profiling v2 (NCC) copy 1
Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff (NCC)
Responding to Substance Misuse (NCC)
Retirement Planning (NCC)
Safeguarding Children and Young People (NCC)
Social & Political History (NCC)
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (NCC)
Sociology (NCC)
Special Educational Needs (NCC)
Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties in Education (NCC)
Sports Psychology – (SC – PDF)
Sports Psychology (NCC)
Support Work in Schools (NCC)
Supporting Teaching and Learning In Schools Award Level 3 (NCC)
Teaching Assistant (NCC)
Therapeutic Activities (NCC)
Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (NCC)
Understanding Epilepsy (NCC)
Upcycling (NCC)
Visual Impairment (NCC)
Wedding Planning – (NCC)
Weight Management Consultant (NCC)

*Note: NCC can only offer the online version of the course. The winner will receive a free downloadable NCC Certificate and they cannot offer tutor support.


The contest is open to the US, 18+. Giveaway will end on October 19, 2016, at 11:59 PM MT. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. james jenkins says:

    visual impairment might be useful, personally.

  2. I think the Psychology or Health and Nutrition class are what I would try.

  3. Danielle Marie says:

    i think i would go with business start up. always wanted to start my own business.

  4. Terra Heck says:

    I would choose Psychology of Criminal Profiling. Thanks.

  5. Morgan Watson says:

    I would take the beauty therapy course.

  6. Emily Benzing says:

    I would probably choose something like the mental health awareness course because I know a lot about that already. But if I want to go with my own interests, I’d say personal assistant or beauty therapy. There are so many awesome choices!

  7. Creative writing

  8. I’d choose either the Human Resources or Life Coaching class.

  9. I think the Child Care or Dog Grooming one would be really neat.

  10. melody hodge says:

    I would pick the Life Coaching Class they offer. I am currently taking this class with another company and would love to take it through NCC.

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