10 Amazing Sites To See In South Africa

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My oldest son has always been curious about South Africa and all of the wonderful wildlife there. He wants to visit so bad one day. I told him, we will see.

His curiosity of South Africa gave me inspiration for this post: 10 Amazing Sites To See In South Africa.  I wanted to research it for myself to see what kinds of wildlife, attractions and more were in South Africa. So, maybe one day we will visit and I will know my stuff.

10 Amazing Sites To See In South Africa

Lion’s Head (Cape Town). This is absolutely beautiful. Lion’s Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Lion’s Head is best known for its gorgeous views over the city and Atlantic Seaboard. It has a popular 1-hour long walk to the very top which is very popular during the full moon. The slopes of Lion’s Head are popular for paragliders. Sounds like such a beautiful place to visit.


Cape Point. Oh, how wonderfully gorgeous! Talk about a place to visit! It has rugged rocks and cliffs that tower more than 200 meters above the sea. Visitors are drawn to the area because of its rich history. These troubled seas have witnessed many maritime disasters in the centuries since ships first sailed here.




Shamwari Game Reserve. Finally, some wildlife to see! My son would love this! Shamwari is the home of the Big Five, Cheetah, Impala and other awesome wildlife. Shamwari Game Reserve is one of the largest game reserves in the country.



It is fun to drive through this reserve and see many different habitats, animals, and landscapes! Make sure to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss an animal! Sometimes they are hard to spot, other times, they are not. The Impala and Springbok are not too shy and will be in plain view as they are not too scared of vehicles driving through!

Adventures With Elephants. This looks like it would be a memorable event! My kids would adore this! We love elephants. Visiting Adventures With Elephants provides you will a unique experience, interacting with these beloved animals.

This reserve is home to many wildlife like the zebra, giraffe, warthogs, meerkats and more! This place is inspirational and such a great place to visit in South Africa.

Ukutula Lion Park. Who wouldn’t want to experience this place! Whether you want to retreat to a quiet space at the lodge or check out the amazing wildlife (a variety of antelope species, giraffe, and zebra too!), this is the place to do it at. Here you can experience the majesty of the gorgeous animal up close! Ukutula is also the home to an educational lion breeding project, which I found amazing!


Franschhoek Wine Tram. I thought this might be fun for the adults! This is a hop-on-hop-off tour that allows you to journey through the gorgeous, rolling vineyards. This is an open-side, open-air tram/bus that stops in at some of South Africa’s oldest and most distinguished wine estates.

You are able to get on and off this tram and experience fun activities like wine tasting, a cellar tour, lunch or a relaxing stroll through the vineyards! Then just get back on the tram and go to the next location! Sounds relaxing to me!

The Cango Caves. Though they now only allow a limited number of tourists to conserve and preserve the caves, this is still a beautiful place to put on your list, when visiting South Africa. Just book earlier and reserve your spots. The Cango Cave is the most visited show cave in South Africa and I can see why it is breathtaking!

Cage Diving With Great White Sharks! Whoa, wait a minute! This is only for the adventurous as I don’t think I would ever do this! Being face-to-face with a Great White Shark might be too much for me but for some, this is an adventure of a lifetime!

This is a full day tour and gets you up close and personal with these Great Whites! After seeing these sharks swarm around the boat you are in, you then jump into the water with them (in a cage of course!). Crazy, but can you imagine the stories you would be able to tell your friends and family???


Durban South Africa

Durban. Great place to visit and there’s enough here to keep you busy for a few days. With excellent restaurants and nightlife, this sounds like a nice place to experience. Most tourists come to Durban because it provides a great start for visiting the region. Plus it is beautiful and has a history worth learning about. Plus, the beach is quite nice!


Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park. This is South Africa’s premier mountain wilderness and it is so pretty. This is the tallest range in South Africa. The scenery is gorgeous with the massive spires, rock buttresses, grasslands, waterfalls, rivers, and forest.

This place is wild and not very populated. It is a great place to hike. You can check out the 600 recorded sites that are hidden all of the mountains. And there are more than 22,000 individual paintings by the original inhabitants of this area. So much history and gorgeous sites to experience.

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  1. Cindy Peterson says:

    My in-laws lived in South Africa for two years. I regret that we did not visit while they were there.

  2. Yvonne Delgado says:

    Just seeing all the animals is their natural habitat is enough.But the views of Lions head are fantastic. I would like to go to South Africa some day

  3. Jennifer H. says:

    Shamwari Game Reserve looks neat!

  4. Beautiful place!

  5. Erin Madigan says:

    I have always wanted to go to South Africa! It would definitely be an amazing trip.

  6. Courtney says:

    I would love to go there too! In fact my boys were talking about it the other day. Fun fun.

  7. Heather Cahill says:

    I have never been to South Africa but it looks beautiful!

  8. Amazing!!

  9. I’ve never visited South Africa, but I would love to! It looks beautiful!!

  10. These are all amazing ideas!

  11. Kimberly Singh says:

    I have never been to South Africa but I would love to visit one day.

  12. vickie couturier says:

    no i havent and do not wish to go,,i think its safer to watch it on tv,,lol

  13. Genevieve Larson says:

    What an amazing trip that would be.

  14. Chihiro says:

    Gorgeous pics. Love African wildlife.

  15. May Rodriguez says:

    Nice picture I never travel any where.

  16. Hope someday I will!

  17. I would love to visit this majestic place.

  18. Angela Ingles says:

    I’ve never been to South Africa, but it looks beautiful! I’d love to see African wildlife and hike to the top of the mountain at Lion’s Head.

  19. We’ve never been to South Africa, but it’s definitely on my list! I love the natural beauty of the land and how they’re working to conserve their wildlife. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to see the animals in person?

  20. These photos are amazing. I hope one day we will get a chance to visit!

  21. I have never visited South Africa but think it would be wonderful especially to see the game preserve.

  22. Looks like a trip of a lifetime!

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