Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Your Kids Rooms!

Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Your Kids Rooms I am probably the most unorganized person when it comes to my kids bedrooms. Seriously, how on earth does a mom keep up with two busy kids AND keep their rooms organized and clutter free? Seriously, it is NOT gonna happen, at least around here.. I need some […]

Where Do You Use Your Computer?

I really am embarrassed to say where I use mine. No, not in the bathroom… I have a trusty old wooden tall speaker that I will sit at with a chair and use my laptop. Then, when I am feeling quite tired of that, I will then go to the couch, where I will sit […]

Office Furniture: Do You Have Any?

My home office consists of an arm chair and my lap top. Certainly not the best home office, that is for sure. I need to get myself an actual desk, comfy chair and some organizing baskets and folders. Heck, I need some office furniture, I need everything… There are days when I am not even […]