Make Your Home A Germ-Free Zone With HealthySole (Giveaway)

Find out how you can help make your home germ-free with HealthySole

Congrats to Dario Moniz *Product Received. Opinions Are My Own. My affiliate link is in this post. Stomp Off The Yucky Viruses And Bacteria!! Germs are everywhere. I can't seem to clean my home enough. I could spend all day disinfecting it, but what is the point? We went to the beach last weekend and the first night we were there, my daughter threw up ALLLL night long. Poor little peach :( I was so sad for her. She was so excited to go to the beach and then she gets sick the first night! Ugh. But, the next day, she was still super sick, but she pushed herself to go outside and play, go to the beach, walk around and shop with me and then later, we went to the swimming pool. After that longggg day, she was soon feeling a lot better, thank heavens!!! I swear kids are SO resilient, aren't they? Those were the days of being young and could push through any sickness, easily! And guess what happened last night??? Yep, my hubby was throwing up and he NEVER does that. So, ya, … [Read more...]

How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs? #KickstartUviCube


*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. Every parent has asked this same question: "How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs?". As a parent we all want to ensure the safety of our kids and that includes those yucky germs, too. I remember when my babies were all newborn. I did not want ANYONE with a cold or sickness to come near them. Of course that is always the best way, to keep germs at bay. But, what if those germs got to your baby/kid anyways? Then they get sick and there is doctor visits, medicine, disinfectants to clean and more! Oh how I hate those germs! According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), "Neonates and young infants are more vulnerable to infectious agents than older children and adults." Source: April 2006 Public Health Report PMC. UviCube When it comes to germs, UviCube wants to make it easier and modernize the way we keep our babies safe with the power of ultraviolet (UV) light.  The future is here and so is peace of mind for … [Read more...]

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System (Giveaway!)


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Stephanie Jones #508!!   Did you know that the more cleaning products you have around your sink, the more chances that dirt may spread on surfaces and germs may spread onto your hands? I never knew that before. Germs can be spread sooo quickly, ugh. With cold and flu season in full force, it is so important to take as many precautions as possible to NOT spread germs. Whether you are an avid hand washer or use bleach on EVERYTHING, germs can sometimes slip through the cracks and still getcha! Blah. Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System is certainly a great thing to have in your kitchen. Lysol created a revolutionary automatic, hands-free dispenser with a multi purpose formula that powers through grease on dishes, cleans tough messes on surfaces and kills bacteria on hands as it gently cleanses them! Genius I say!! And, all these great benefits in a no-touch design! The starter kits are available in Sparkling Tangerine and Shimmering … [Read more...]

The Amazing Mat Review

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Dawn Schmidt #59!! Are you worried about germs traveling into your house? I am. Every one who comes inside my home, MUST take off their shoes! If they don't I will get really anxious, LOL. I just don't like filthy shoes on my carpet, or anywhere in my home. Who would though, right?   The Amazing Mat is truly amazing. No lie there. It really speaks for itself. It is a mat that is sticky on the top. It kind of reminds me of a big piece of tape that you walk on, and it actually pulls all the dirt off or your shoes/feet, before entering the house, and I think it is genius! My brother-in-law came over the other day and when he stepped on this mat, he said that they have one of this, that is similar, at his work. So, you know that these mats are truly efficient and help with getting that grime and dirt off of your feet before it travels into your home, workplace or where ever. Now, when the first layer gets filthy, you simply peel it off to reveal … [Read more...]

Softsoap Liquid Handsoap with APHA Hand Washing Timer Review


Winter brings on the flu season, and it really sucks. Any way at all, to help me and my family to prevent any virus or flu bugs from getting to us, I will welcome! Washing your hands is a key part in preventing any illnesses. It is so easy to do, but many of us just don't wash for long enough! Lather Up For Good Health! Softsoap Liquid Handsoap now has a APHA Hand Washing Timer!!! The timer is so easy to put onto your Softsoap pump. It is made from silicone, so it easily slips over the pump of your liquid soap dispenser. When it is on, your children (and YOU!) just press down on it to dispense the soap and right away a song starts playing. As long as that song plays, you rub your hands together and wash them. When the song is over, rinse the soap off your hands and your good to go! This helps your children and you, to wash your hands for the appropriate amount of time needed to wash off and kill those bad germs. My kids love this device and think it is so neat. They have a … [Read more...]

LYSOL's New Site: Mission for Health (& A Giveaway!)

CONGRATS TO CRYSTAL W. #110!!! LYSOL could not have come out with a better site at a better time. Mission For Health is a campaign focused on the prevention of germs and spreading illness and diseases through its Mission for Health campaign. With Fall here and Winter not too far off, people will get sick, that is a fact. So why not learn about what you can do to prevent it, or at least to not spread it if you do get sick. Lysol gives information to parents, children and educators about protecting oneself against germs. On their new site, you can learn about Lysol’s products and read about Healthy Homes,  Healthy Families, and join the Lysol Community. You can also receive special offers for many Lysol branded products. Also, on their new site, there is a section on tips for new moms to help keep themselves germ free for their babies. There’s even a section in which you can submit tips on how you keep you and your family safe from germs! So, there is a lot going on in the new … [Read more...]