Make Your Home A Germ-Free Zone With HealthySole (Giveaway)

Congrats to┬áDario Moniz *Product Received. Opinions Are My Own. My affiliate link is in this post. Stomp Off The Yucky Viruses And Bacteria!! Germs are everywhere. I can’t seem to clean my home enough. I could spend all day disinfecting it, but what is the point? We went to the beach last weekend and the […]

How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs? #KickstartUviCube

*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. Every parent has asked this same question: “How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs?“. As a parent we all want to ensure the safety of our kids and that includes those yucky germs, too. I remember when my babies were all newborn. I did […]

Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System (Giveaway!)

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Stephanie Jones #508!!   Did you know that the more cleaning products you have around your sink, the more chances that dirt may spread on surfaces and germs may spread onto your hands? I never knew that before. Germs can be spread sooo quickly, ugh. With cold and flu season in […]

The Amazing Mat Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Dawn Schmidt #59!! Are you worried about germs traveling into your house? I am. Every one who comes inside my home, MUST take off their shoes! If they don’t I will get really anxious, LOL. I just don’t like filthy shoes on my carpet, or anywhere in my home. Who would […]

Softsoap Liquid Handsoap with APHA Hand Washing Timer Review

Winter brings on the flu season, and it really sucks. Any way at all, to help me and my family to prevent any virus or flu bugs from getting to us, I will welcome! Washing your hands is a key part in preventing any illnesses. It is so easy to do, but many of us […]

LYSOL's New Site: Mission for Health (& A Giveaway!)

CONGRATS TO CRYSTAL W. #110!!! LYSOL could not have come out with a better site at a better time. Mission For Health is a campaign focused on the prevention of germs and spreading illness and diseases through its Mission for Health campaign. With Fall here and Winter not too far off, people will get sick, […]