Kitten Party DVD Review


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO MELISSA B. COMMENT #40!!! K, who doesn't LOVE little tiny, puffy kitties running around acting silly? I can't get enough of them and either can my kids. We were sent a really super cute movie called "Kitten Party" and it is about, well, a bunch of different kittens, over 50 kittens from a dozen different breeds, prancing around! These kittens are not only adorable, but hilarious too! This DVD also features 3 sing-along kitten songs, that are sure to have you laughing! Plus there are two bonus, playpen chapters for more kitten fun :) You and your kids are gonna love it, promise! This adorable dvd was released on September 14, 2010 and can be found to purchase on or Kmart, Ross, Sears or you can also find it online at! It is ONLY $6.99!!! And, it is a full 70 minutes of fun and cuteness for you and your kids to enjoy! My kids favorite part of this movie was the songs. The kittens were so cute and … [Read more...]