Back To School Memories With Staples

Last month we were feverishly trying to prepare for the back to school year. We purchased the clothes, supplies and all the necessities that go with going back to school. We also tried going to bed earlier, to prepare for the longer days ahead. It is not easy-going from summer routines, to back to school/fall […]

Company Kids Back-To-School Promotion!!

Starting Friday, August 19th and running through September 15, 2011, Company Kids has a back-to-school promotion for YOU! Back-to-school is here for most of us, my son will be going to kindergarten in TWO weeks, yikes, and so we have already bought his backpack! But he will need a lunch bag too. Company Kids has […]

ReSnackit Review

  Have you ever packed your children’s lunch and ran out of sandwich bags in the middle of making it? I know that happens a lot, and it can be so frustrating! Not only does it cost money for those plastic baggies, but they are also not good for our environment. I was contacted by […]