HTC, T-Mobile and Give Kids The World Team Up to Bring Smiles to Children!


 HTC and T-Mobile announced they are partnering to provide children with life-threatening illnesses and their families the opportunity to spend time at Give Kids The World Village, (a nonprofit “storybook” resort that provides cost-free Orlando vacations)! So, starting Friday, Nov. 23, through Monday, Dec. 31, customers who buy the  Windows Phone 8X by HTC  from a T-Mobile authorized retailer, will have the option to donate $1 of their purchase to Give Kids The World to help the total donation grow up to $75,000 with the potential to grant wishes for a multitude of families! Customers who choose to participate can track the growing wish online and via their mobile devices at Donation updates will also be available on the HTC Facebook page! This holiday season, T-Mobile is bringing amazing 4G experiences to customers with the introduction of the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC. We were fortunate enough to review one! My hubby grabbed this one up to review, I … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday Is THIS Saturday, November 24th!!! #SmallBizSat

Just wanted to remind everyone, one last time, that this is THE weekend to shop all small businesses and support them! Shop locally and shop small!!! There is absolutely nothing better than walking into a business and them knowing you by your name and they know your kids names too! Makes you feel special! Now a days, things are so rush rush and everyone is in a huge hurry to get things done, especially the holiday shopping! Why don't you all take a moment or an HOUR and shop the small, local businesses? Beat the rushes and beat the rude people standing in line. I never have to deal with all of that at local, small businesses. Everyone is always so nice and helpful!!! LOVE it! Me and my kids can't wait to visit our favorite in the whole world, little small and local toy shop! My kids have made a list of things they want for Christmas and I believe this toy shop has a lot of what is on their list this year. Isn't that nice? No big rush shopping at a mall, but in a local toy shop, I … [Read more...]

Edgy Ring Line Turns Tragedy into Inspiration! Giveaway Too!


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Kele Wassum #396!! This is a very inspired jewelry designer Mark Strelau of Type AG, who is creates his own “silver lining” out of the dark cloud of ovarian cancer his mother battled with.  His new line of edgy sterling silver ring designs are as cool as they are cause-conscious. I think the rings are just stunning and crafted with such passion.  You can just tell that these rings mean a lot to Mark. I wanted to share this with you all and spread the word about his story and his rings. Type AG has its sights set on inspiring others…one silver ring at a time. Below, you will find an interview with Mark... Your company name—what does it mean or represent? The name is pegged to the element abbreviation for Silver, which is AG.  My 100% sterling silver rings are bold, unique, and truly encompass different personality types while being a symbol of motivation and perseverance. How did you learn to work with silver as a medium and to … [Read more...]

Small Business Saturday! Shop Small Businesses This Holiday Season! #SmallBizSat

shop small

  I am helping spread awareness about Small Business Saturday, which is coming up very quickly! The Saturday after Thanksgiving, to be exact. "Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. Last year, over one hundred million people* came together to Shop Small® in their communities on Small Business Saturday®" I wanted to participate in this because I believe in supporting small businesses in my community. It is very  important to me. I use to work out of the home of a wonderful lady who did flowers. She had worked out of her home, in a small community, for a long time and finally decided to expand her business to a real shop! I was so excited for her! Everyone in town loved her and her work, so she knew, as did everyone else, that it would be a huge success! So, she did all the paperwork and rented out a nice building in town to start her floral business and coffee shop! It was a huge success from the get go. … [Read more...]

Got To See Baby For The First Time Ever :) And Some Hope For Those With Only ONE Fallopian Tube…

my baby

Just wanted to share what I have been up to :) I was a bit worried because I had been spotting brown for the past two days. I had a bit of cramping too, so I was of course FREAKING out. With 3 losses already, I was NOT ready for another one, no way... So, even though I was in the middle of switching insurances, I thought, why not call Kaiser and just see if my insurance is still good with them. Well, it was!! So of course I made an appointment asap (the only time my NEW insurance could see me was June 5th and I could NOT wait until then, ugh!). Kaiser got me in yesterday (Friday). I went in, had a physical (like that tells me ANYTHING) and asked for an early u/s. My doctor knows me so well, so of course she ordered on for same day :) I was so nervous, sooo nervous. It seems everytime I go in for an u/s, there is NOTHING to be seen on that screen but an empty uterus. But, this time, RIGHT away, there was my sweet little tiny baby!!! Man I was crying so. hard. There was … [Read more...]

Charting Your Fertility With OvaCue (Review and A Giveaway!)

OvaCue  Monitor Bundle Pack

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Shaunda Eppes #390 If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you know that I have been having a heck of a time getting pregnant with our third child. I have also had 3 losses, but now I can officially say FOUR. I say officially four, because when I went into see my fertility specialist a few weeks ago, he told me something that alarmed me. He said he was looking through my files and saw that I DID indeed have a tubal pregnancy WHEN I was pregnant with my daughter... Say What?! Ya, I NEVER knew that... till then. I had to pick my mouth up off of the ground. For when I DID have the tubal surgery it was, to my knowledge because the doctors THOUGHT it was a tubal, but when they took my tube out, they saw that it was only a cyst. That is what they told me... nice huh? Anyways, back to what I was saying... So, my cycles are a bit all over the place. I have been on pretty much every vitamin and supplement you can think of. I have tried all ovulation … [Read more...]