Unique, By Emma: New Back-To-Basics Collection

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Dara Nix #37!!   I like simple jewelry. Since I don’t wear a whole lot of it, I like to choose simple pieces. I only wear little stud earrings on my ears, but will occasionally wear something a bit bigger. As for necklaces, I am more lenient, I love wearing all […]

Unique By Emma & Cracked Bell Fine Papers

    I did a review for Unique By Emma back in December, and just loved the silver bracelet that I received! I wear it with pretty much everything and it is holding up nicely, considering how much I do wear it. Unique By Emma contacted me again, but this time for a giveaway for […]

Unique, By Emma (Bracelet Review!)

Unique, by Emma is a wonderful jewelry website for all you jewelry lovers out there! Each piece of jewelry is handmade with care and it shows in her work. I received a beautiful, but simple piece from Unique, by Emma. I love silver and I love simple, so the bracelet that I chose is just […]