beautisol Skin Care-Self Tanning Review & A Coupon Code!


During winter, my skin not only is dry it is PALE! Ugh! The last color of summer faded by the end of October and by the time January is here, I am white and want some color. I was very excited to be able to try outbeautisol Skin Care Self Tanners! I have used every self tanner you can think of, literally, and have found a few that do the job right, the rest, forget about it!

When the trial sized bottles arrived, I was eager to try them out on my pale, milky skin. I was sent theSummer Glow and the All Seasons Glow to try out. What I first liked about these products when they arrived was that they came with gloves. This is a MUST when applying self tanners! So that was great. Oh, and they also both came with a little candy! So cute ๐Ÿ™‚

I first used the Summer Glow Sunless Tanner lotion. I absolutely loved the scent of this lotion. It reminded me of a mans cologne, but very, very subtle scent not overpowering at all. Very nice, considering almost all other self tanners I have tried smell gross or the scent turns gross after a couple hours. This lotion carried the nice scent through the processing phase and still came out smelling nice. I love that! So, back to the beginning (got ahead of myself here..) I put the gloves on and squirted it out onto my face first and worked it down from there. When you put it on, it immediately is brown, dark brown. You have to make sure you rub it in really good. I had an old rag next to me to help blend in the unblendable areas, like knees, elbows and jaw line. When I was done applying it to my face and body, I took off the gloves and took the old rag and squirted a bit of the self tanner on the rag and applied it to the tops of my hands, that way there is no washing of my hands and any chance of water getting on my freshly tanned skin ๐Ÿ™‚ I put this on at night, just be sure to put on old p.j.’s because it will stain!!!

My Hand Before:

before antidote self tanner

What it looks like:

Right After!

My hand after sunless tanner

So, immediately after I put the lotion on, my skin was bronzed and sunkissed looking, I looked like I just came from a wonderful vacation! In the morning I was a little more tanner. I took a shower and some of it came off, but it was a perfect amount that stayed on. I love how it makes me look so healthy and tan! I seriously love this sunless tanning lotion! I really wanted to get a picture of my before and after picture, but with my daughter spilling water on my laptop and my camera batteries dying, it was just too much for me to deal with at the moment. But, I will add pictures soon, promise!

Now the All Seasons Glow Sunless tanner, is a gradual self tanner. This is more for the “not so sure” people who don’t have a lot of experience with sunless tanners. It comes with gloves and you just apply it everyday or everyother day like you would your body lotion, after a bath or shower. After 2 applications you will start to notice a nice glow, subtle and perfect for those who are unsure of sunless tanners. I use this regularly on my legs to keep them nice and tanned.

beautisol back applicator

For a little Self Tanning 101, go HERE! You will find some great instructional videos to help you along the way for a perfect, flawless self tanning experience!

To find out more about beautisol you can visit their site HERE!

Buy It!

To buy the wonderful beautisol Skin Care Sunless Tanners or products, just visit their website HERE! And there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied AND Free shipping in the US!!!

Coupon Code!

Just enter coupon code SHOPWMM at check out for 10% off your first order!! The prices are already very reasonable, so this is a great discount! Enjoy!

And, don’t forget to visit The Self Tanning Queen, for more wonderful tips on how to make your sunless tanner beautiful!


I was sent two trial sizes of the self tanners mentioned above to try out and keep. These are my own honest opinions about beautisol Skin Care Sunless Tanners, thanks!

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