Road Rage Jewelry Review

“Make Your Own Rules of The Road”

Got something to say but nobody’s listening? Wear your Road Rage Jewelry and that’ll get their attention! Road Rage Jewelry is awesome. It is little road signs on a necklace and they totally kick butt!

I received a Road Rage Necklace to review and am very happy with it. I got to choose which signs I wanted on my necklace and then they make it and send it to you. So simple and I must say fun!! Even the guys wear these necklaces! They love ’em too!

“Mix and match them. Change them up.
Even swap or trade with friends!”

And, if you really like them, which I know you will, you can check out their “Special Orders/Idea Page” and create your own rage for family reunions – school functions or corporate activities. Give someone a little something that is truly unique! And, of course, these would make an amazing Christmas gift for that special someone on your list!! And the prices are totally do able!!

A Quote from Road Rage (taken from their site):

“We said it before – no two people are alike and the same goes for Road Rage Jewelry®.  Words and symbols can be a powerful and funny way to express what you want to say.  We, at Road Rage Jewelry® love to laugh when we are designing them, and are ROTFL when we see what our customers have created”

This is just a real fun way to express yourself! So please, go take a peek at their selection, you will find something that you like, promise!!

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You can purchase Road Rage Jewelry by visiting their site at



I was sent a Road Rage Jewelry necklace to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions of this necklace, thanks!


  1. I’d choose Broadway!

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  6. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d pick the Stop Sign, the SUP sign and the Dead End sign.
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  10. I like the Drive Safely or omg signs.

  11. susan smoaks says:

    i would choose the mwah

  12. Sarah Rose-Silva says:

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  13. Sarah Rose-Silva says:

    Dead End!

  14. I would get Broadway, Look (both ways) and Mwah! Thanks! These are quirky cool.

  15. i would choose 5th avenue

  16. I like OMG, ROTFL, and Ocean Dr

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  20. I like the Abbey Road.

  21. Jennifer H says:

    the road rage

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  26. OMG! LOL!and SUP!

  27. I like the One Way arrow and the Yield signs.

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  34. I would pick 5th avenue, pos, and the road rage symbol.

  35. Love in memory of tag.

  36. I commented on the Temptu Tattoos!

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  38. Lynda T.

    I would choose either the Ocean Dr or Martin Luther King one. Can’t decide yet- I would make this for my teenage son!

  39. Love the ROTFL one! Very neat ideas. Posted on Shop With Me Mama facebook page.

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  41. i would choose broadway!

  42. i would choose the abbey rd. sign

  43. The OMG!!! is sooooo cute! I am a FB fan! Thanks!

  44. I would choose Yes We Can and Change.

  45. Christine says:

    like road rage!!

  46. david basile says:


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