No Agenda, Just The Family and The Open Road!

Do you travel a lot? We are starting to! We had so much fun this last weekend, going to Astoria, Oregon and then on to the beach! It was not planned, we just jumped into the truck and drove off for the day! So nice to do!

Astoria Oregon

First stop was Astoria. We went to the museums that were there. They were okay, but nothing to brag too much about. It was fun to see the sights though, it was such a gorgeous day!! We walked around then we went to the Bow Picker which is a SUPER popular seafood stand that people come for miles to eat at. My hubby stood in line for ONE HOUR to get some food!

The Bow Picker

After the Bow Picker, we then headed off to the beach! It was so much fun and the weather was SO nice. We did wear our jackets, but the wind at the beach was warm and not too bad. Just a perfect day!

beach trip

No Agenda, Just The Family and The Open Road! We had a really good weekend!!

Check out this post I recently wrote called “Inspiring Travel Quotes“. It is a really good read and will get you in the mood to hit the road!!


What trips have you been on so far, this summer?


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