Breastfeeding in Public – Don’t Mess with a Breastfeeding Mama!

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Breastfeeding in Public

With more and more women breastfeeding, it’s common to see women breastfeeding in public.  There seems to be quite a divide between women on breastfeeding because it’s just not possible for all women to breastfeed for many reasons, whether they have to go back to work or their child suffers from food allergies.  Some women also find it painful.  I know I did at the beginning!  We should all understand that most everyone does the best they can when it comes to the care of their children.


Breastfeeding in Public


I’ve been hearing a lot of controversy around breastfeeding recently.  A waitress in Texas recently offended a breastfeeding mother by trying to cover her boobs and baby with a napkin! And British Chef Jamie Oliver in getting a lot of heat, (...and not from the kitchen!) for criticizing mothers in the UK for not breastfeeding enough.  Some women are saying it’s none of his business!   The debate about breastfeeding seems to be stronger than ever as some women are choosing to breastfeed longer and the World Health Organization now advises breastfeeding until the age of 2.

Extended Breastfeeding

I’m in the UK and breastfeeding (especially after six months old) is even less common here than in the US, so it can make you feel really uncomfortable if you’re breastfeeding in public, especially if you’re nursing a toddler!  I am still nursing my little girl who is almost two and a half.   I have yet to see another person breastfeeding a baby the same age as my daughter in public, so you do start to feel like a bit of an outcast, especially as an American! I have been lucky enough to stay with her and I haven’t had to go back to work.  I never thought I would be nursing this long though!  I was hoping that she would just lose interest in it, but she doesn’t show any signs of wanting to stop!  I have started weaning her now, but each day is a struggle.  The more I tell her no, the more she wants to nurse!  I have to distract her constantly.  It is really hard work!


Breastfeeding in Public


What are your thoughts on breastfeeding?  What would you do if someone tried to cover you up in public like the woman in Texas?  Do you have any breastfeeding stories to share?


  1. To each its own. I really wish people would just mind their own business.

  2. A happy family.

  3. Sandy Cain says:

    I breastfed my daughter for 2 1/2 years. Of all the inane comments I heard, this one from my ex-MIL takes the cake: “Breastfeeding is SO unnatural!”

  4. I honestly don’t understand why people care so much how someone else chooses to feed their baby. Good for you for writing about this!

    • Thanks, I know there seems to be a real negative feeling about breastfeeding. Many people also think that it’s wrong to breastfeed a child longer than a year for some reason.

  5. I say you rock on mama! You are doing whats best for your kiddo – and people will just have to get used to seeing that! 🙂

  6. Thank you for posting this!! 🙂 I write about breastfeeding on my blog too. We need to get more awareness out to #NormalizeBreastfeeding . I DARE someone to tell me to cover up. for 1, There are LAWS in all states that no one can make me use a cover as a nursing mother, 2. it’s not convenient for me or my son so no i will not cover just to make others happy. 3. When my baby is hungry, my baby eats.

    My son is 10 months old and is breastfed, he will never get a drop of formula. I used a cover for like 2 months and got tired of the hassle so I quit using one. In the summer when he was 2 – 3 months old, i got to tell a lady off bc we were at a carnival and i needed to nurse him so i sat down, and she her no older than 4 yr old daughter asked mommy whats that baby doing? her mom was like oh nothing important lets go. So, i got up and told her to stop lying to her kid and that not all babies get formula, some eat from their moms. She rolled eyes and walked off. I felt happy knowing i was helping to normalize 🙂 He does not eat much in public now but if he does, i do the 2 shirt method. it makes life easier and discreet.

    My older 2 are formula fed (7 and 8 now). Nurse on mama! I plan on nursing til 16 months unless he weans sooner.

    • I planned on only nursing for that long too but my daughter is still not interested in stopping! Glad you are writing about this and trying to bring more awareness! #NormalizeBreastfeeding ( :

  7. It seems like lately this is a hot button topic. I think it’s ironic that we say beast is best but then make moms go back to work so early and make it uncomfortable and hard to do in public places.I would cover up in public but I understand some babies throw the covers off

    • Yes they really need to work on the maternity and paternity programs in the US. Family Leave in the US is actually worse than Papau New Guinea! That’s just not acceptable. I did get 10 weeks with my employer, but they called it Disability Leave, not Maternity, which is crazy!

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