These Gummy Vitamins Help Me Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle #CentrumMultiGummies

*I received Centrum MultiGummies to try out and review as well as SOME FUN FITNESS GEAR. Opinions are 100% my own

It is true, taking vitamins is good for my overall health. There were times in my life when I did not take vitamins and I felt terrible, I really did. So, I decided long ago that I would take my daily vitamins because they are so important to my body.

I was able to try out the Centrum MultiGummies. These gummy vitamins taste SO good. They are like a little treat during the day to keep me going strong. I take the Centrum MultiGummies for Women and my hubby takes the Centrum MultiGummies for Men. We both agree we’re doing something healthy for ourselves and we like the taste of these gummy vitamins.

These Gummy Vitamins Make Me Feel Better

Having kids and being a parent is no easy task and lately, I have been worn out! Taking vitamins and making it a part of my everyday routine, has certainly helped support my energy.

The Centrum MultiGummies have more vitamin D3 than any other leading multivitamin gummy. They provide key nutrients that help support your energy, immunity, and metabolism. They are also gluten-free and specially formulated men and women. The Centrum MultiGummies have three different flavors too, berry, cherry, and orange! So that keeps it interesting!

These Gummy Vitamins Make Me Feel Better

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Do You Take Vitamins?







  1. Rajee Pandi says:

    great post to read

  2. I should try these because I hate taking pills.

  3. Birdiebee says:

    I haven’t taken vitamins for awhile now but because these are gummies that I can chew, I would consider taking them.

  4. Richard Hicks says:

    I got a sample in the mail a little while back and I kind of like them

  5. ellen beck says:

    I havent tried the gummies, maybe I will when mine run out. The ones I take are like horse pills plus they taste horrid.

  6. tiffany dayton says:

    I know it’s good to take vitamins. But I can never stay with taking them.

  7. Allyson becker says:

    I like fact that these are gummies and not pills to swallow.

  8. Debra Holloway says:

    These look really good. I think they would probably be much better than trying to choke down a pill. Some of those vitamin pills are so large and hard to swallow.

  9. Angela Williams says:

    We have been looking for a good vitamin and these look wonderful!

  10. ERICA WEAVER says:

    i give these to my 5 yr old he loves them i am so glad they came out with gummies cause he has no problems eating them

  11. Thanks for the coupon! I’ll have to try these. I’m using a different brand right now and I don’t love the taste. These are next on my list.

  12. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I do not take vitamins right now. The primary reason I don’t is that the pills are difficult and upset my stomach. These look so much easier to take. I may try them.

  13. Those are cool. I sometimes carry them in the car. My real vitamin regimen takes a small tray though!

  14. melody hodge says:

    Ive never been one to take vitamins because I dont like taking pills. Ive been looking around for the gummies and have seen these but was waiting to find a review on them. So glad I came across this review. Thank you.

  15. I personally really like gummy vitamins. I take some for vitamin C!

  16. Lesley F says:

    These are much easier for me to take than big hard pills

  17. Debbie Welchert says:

    I’ve been feeling run down lately. I might just have to give these a try to see if they help.

  18. I take these daily and they are really yummy@

  19. I take daily vitamins and extra vitamin d and calcium.

  20. Julie Lundstrom says:

    This is a good way and only way I can get my kids to take their vitamins.

  21. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I’m taking the Alive! Women’s Energy vitamins, but I don’t think they are doing anything. I still have no energy and I just pee out the vitamins which means I’m not getting any nutrients. I probably have to try a different kind.

  22. Tiffany Larcade says:

    I never knew they had adult gummies!! I am going to have to try these

  23. I have not tried theses, the kids like the gummy style vitamins.

  24. I take a multivitamin every day as well as a few other supplements. They truly help me feel my best.

  25. vickie couturier says:

    no,i dont take vitamins but my husband does

  26. shannon fowler says:

    i haven’t tried these. I’ve stuck with a multivitamin for years. i also have to take a d3 supplement though, so maybe these would keep me from having to do both

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