Sophie The Giraffe’s New Baby Books Series Are Adorable!

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You know Sophie The Giraffe is you have a little one in your home. Maybe you know Sophie the Giraffe from when you were little? She is an adorable giraffe who has helped babies everywhere teethe easier!

Now, Sophie The Giraffe has come out with a new baby book series that is simply ADORABLE. I cannot get over the cuteness of these books! Oh, they are just so dang CUTE!

Sophie The Giraffe's New Baby Books Series Are Adorable

Sophie The Giraffe’s delightful series of baby journals are priceless. Featuring the world’s most famous French giraffe, these adorable keepsakes are sure to help reflective mothers build memories that will last a lifetime!

With titles like My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe, My Baby Album with Sophie la girafe, and My Book of Firsts with Sophie la girafe, these books span from pregnancy to birth, and through the first months of childhood. Volume after volume, Sophie series delivers a wonderful series of templates for thoughtful parents to capture all of the important milestones from the outset of their journey.

Volume after volume, Sophie series delivers a wonderful series of templates for thoughtful parents to capture all of the important milestones from the outset of their journey! You will definitely want to buy this series for that mom-to-be that you know of! What a special and treasured gift set for any new or seasoned mama!

Sophie The Giraffe's New Baby Books Series Are Adorable

I received all of these books to check out and I am in complete love with them. Man, how I truly wish I was having another baby! The books are just so cute and made so well. Each page is adorned with cute pictures and Sophie the Giraffe is in them all, looking as cute as ever!

The Series

My Baby Album with Sophie la girafe. How adorable can a book get? This large-format album that features Sophie. This photo album is suitable for a baby boy or girl.

A hidden spiral binding, sturdy board covers and a built-in elastic band will keep your treasures safe. Sophie provides designated spaces to record all the milestones and details of baby’s life, including:

family tree
baby shower
birth announcement
first bath
first haircut (with envelope, for first, lock, of hair)
eating habits
nighttime habits
first holiday
first vacation
first steps
favorite activities
family resemblances
first words and amusing phrases
second birthday
and more!
You can create 16 of your own themed pages inspired by your baby’s unique journey, making this a baby album just waiting to be personalized and sure to be cherished! This Baby Album Retails for $19.95.

Sophie The Giraffe's New Baby Books pregnancy journal

My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe. This is a journal no mommy-to-be wants to be without! It has everything and is simply adorable! My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la girafe® is the perfect place to record every important moment, from the first daydreams of motherhood to the day Baby finally comes home.

My Pregnancy Journal has a place for every milestone along with many unique special features:

Lots of room for pictures
ŸA pocket to fill with hopes for Baby’s future
ŸAn astrology wheel and Chinese horoscope chart
ŸA page for brainstorming baby names
ŸDesignated places for ultrasounds, baby shower invitations, and other stuff
This beautiful album is also incredibly functional thanks to monthly to-do lists, tips for morning sickness, baby-supply checklists, and more!

Such a necessity for a pregnant mama! The pregnancy journal retails for $19.95.

My Book of Firsts with Sophie la girafe. This book of firsts helps you capture more than 85 important baby milestones! You can also continue the adventure into your child’s early school years!

First night in the crib, and first night in a “big kid” bed
First laugh, and first words
First time crawling, and first time with a babysitter
First trip to the park, and first favorite book
First day at school, and much more!

The Book of Firsts retails for $14.95.

Sophie The Giraffe's New Baby Books Series Are Adorable

Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe. Your baby is here and you have lots to think about! This cute hour-by-hour log will help you to stay organized and sane. It has columns for breast/bottle feedings, diaper changes, sleep and a place for your own notes.

  • See your baby’s rhythms evolve over time
  • Make sure your baby is eating and sleeping enough to grow
  • Keep your journal on hand for doctor’s appointments
  • Easily coordinate baby’s care with relatives and other helpers

Inside, you’ll find enough daily pages for baby’s first six months, charts for growth and vaccines, a place to list important contacts, and a helpful introduction. Enjoy your newborn’s first months with a little piece of mind. This book retails for $12.95.

The Sophie The Giraffe Book series is way too cute and any mommy-to-be would be thankful to have this set!


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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I think this new book series looks very interesting!

  2. I think the new book series is super cute! My daughter loves her Sophie

  3. It’s a really adorable book & would make a lovely gift for a new mom

  4. Stacy Leadeham says:

    My nephew loves Sophie he takes his Sophie toy everywhere

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  6. I like the book series. great for learning.

  7. Stephanie Larison says:

    It sounds cute. I didn’t even know there were books, I just knew it as a teething toy giraffe.

  8. I love the concept & love giraffes.

  9. This looks great! My son loves Sophie the Giraffe.

  10. These books look delightful.

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    vert cute, a great addition to an awesome product.

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    I think it is precious!

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    This is cute. I would like to give this to my sister as a baby shower gift.

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    I think they are adorable and I would have loved to have them for my daughter. But they would make a great gift too!

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    i think it is adorable,,would be a perfect gift for any baby or mom

  17. I think it’s so cute! Lovely books.

  18. They are so adorable

  19. Colleen Maurina says:

    These Sophie The Giraffe’s new book series would make it so fun and easy to document all the important phases of your baby’s life!

  20. sabina Edwards says:

    Dylans enjoying chewing on the teething thing right now (the sophie giraffe teether) and I think he’ll enjoy listening to the books too lol

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    They are so adorable.

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    I love it! I am a huge fan of Sophie the Giraffe! 🙂

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    Would make a nice shower gift for a new Mom.

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