How Nighttime Cravings Can Sabotage The Best Diet Plans

I am sure we have all been there. Woke up late at night and felt those dreaded hunger pangs. I know I have experienced it, but it was mainly when I was pregnant when I got up at night to eat (unless I have these delicious hogs & kisses cookies on my countertop!).

How Nighttime Cravings Can Sabotage The Best Diet Plans

Nighttime cravings can sabotage the best diet plans. It is a fact. How can you stop these late night cravings? What can you do to stop late night binge eating?

Many people find themselves eating late at night, even if they are not hungry. Nighttime cravings often sabotage the best-intended diet and weight-loss plans and can cause some unexpected health problems.

How Nighttime Cravings Can Sabotage The Best Diet Plans

Along with some easy lifestyle solutions on how to outsmart nighttime cravings, the proprietary, science-based ingredients in Qurb™ Shot PM ( can also help avoid late night snacking. Qurb™ PM Shot has been formulated to work effectively at night, often the downfall for many dieters after a day of careful eating and exercise. The PM shot does not contain any caffeine and has 100 mg of Theanine which has been scientifically shown to relax the body and mind.

How Nighttime Cravings Can Sabotage The Best Diet Plans

 ·         Eating late at night causes weight gain and loss of sleep

The body’s metabolism works all day long while you are up and active. Metabolism is much slower at night and we don’t burn the calories that we do during the day which can cause weight gain. Also, research has found that the digestive process can have serious implications on sleep cycle and can cause you to wake more often.

 ·         Eating at night can cause increased acid reflux

When you lay down with food in your belly, it is easier for acid to spill out of a full stomach – even if you don’t have acid reflux. It takes a few hours for food to fully digest.

 ·         Eating at night can throw off your internal clock

Eating late when you normally should be asleep may throw off your body’s internal clock. Additionally, artificial light from the TV, computer or smartphone can keep you awake and stimulate your appetite.

 According to Authority Nutrition, some clever ways to combat nighttime cravings (1-5) include:

 1)      Use a routine – structured eating and sleeping times will help spread food intake over the day so you’re less hungry at night

2)      De-stress – anxiety and stress are 2 of the most common reasons why people eat when they’re not hungry. Relaxation techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, hot baths, and stretching can help manage nighttime eating

3)      Eat regularly throughout the day – eating at planned intervals throughout the day keep blood sugar stable and can prevent feelings of ravenous hunger

4)      Include protein at every meal – protein is known to keep you feeling fuller, longer and can reduce snacking and nighttime eating

5)      Distract yourself – if you’re eating out of boredom, planning healthy evening activities or finding a new hobby can prevent mindless late night eating.

6)      Drink a bottle of Qurb PR – to fight nighttime cravings and to relax the mind and body

In addition to these lifestyle changes, adding Qurb™ Shot PM to your nightly routine is a great way to banish cravings. Each bottle of Qurb PM contains 10g of Fibersol 2 which has been shown to reduce hunger and increase the levels of two key appetite-regulating hormones*.

Qurb also contains 400mg of Svetol, Premium Green Coffee Bean Extract. Svetol contains at least 50% chlorogenic acids, which when taken consistently, are known for their Lipolytic (slimming effect) properties* Qurb PM also contains 100mg of Theanine which studies have shown can help you relax.* Qurb PM is sweetened naturally with Stevia and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.

Qurb™ Shot and Qurb™ Shot PM are created with scientifically-tested ingredients to help battle stubborn cravings with a fast-acting delivery system that helps burns fat and helps people feel fuller longer. In one study, participants who were given 10g of Fibersol2 reported feeling less hungry and showed increased levels of two key appetite-regulating hormones after four hours. Soluble dietary fiber decreased hunger and increased satiety hormones when ingested with a meal.


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  1. Vikki Billings says:

    yes, I do sometimes, not all the time. I do snack a lot before bed though.

  2. Jennifer H. says:

    No, I don’t.

  3. wow

  4. Diane Mania says:

    I do get up at night and eat.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Sometimes, if I’ve been up very late and am restless and wakeful.

  6. Dana MATTHEWS says:

    I do get up at night and eat. And it’s always something I do NOT need.

  7. sometimes I do

  8. No I never get up at night to eat. I would not be able to sleep at all if I did that.

  9. ColleenMarie says:

    I do not, I love my sleep too much!!

  10. Of course I eat at night- I see your posts on facebook and see the recipes. 🙂

  11. No, I rarely get up in the night.

  12. Jamie Williams says:

    Yes! Every night. Sometimes that’s the only thing that will help me fall back asleep.

  13. No, I drink water instead.

  14. I don’t usually but hubby does! These would be great for him to try!

  15. Victoria Scott says:

    Not in the middle of the night, but I eat snacks before bed, unfortunately.

  16. I rarely ever get up at night to eat anything, but if I would I would probably choose something like fruit. (fast and healthy)

  17. Hmm…. Sometimes I do.

  18. vickie couturier says:

    sometimes i do,,but not always

  19. jeanette sheets says:

    yes i do

  20. I do occasionally. Not super often.

  21. Julie Bickham says:

    I don’t get up at night to eat. I do get night cravings before bed and tend to eat before bed.

  22. patty.wright says:

    No I never get up at night to eat.

  23. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I don’t get up and eat, but I start eating snacks about an hour before bed.

  24. I just think of it as getting all my breakfast before I go to bed.

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