Going To The Beach For Spring Break!

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I remember when I was younger, we would always travel to the beach with my huge family of 9. We would pack up the huge wooden paneled red station wagon with a car carrier on the top and off we would zoom, Going To The Beach For Spring Break!

With me and my three brothers nestled comfortably in the way back, no seatbelts needed, just tons of pillows and blankets and books. Safety? What the heck was that?

The beach was always SO packed full of tourists and young kids getting into trouble at all hours of the day/night (I was included in that…). It was just SO much fun, most of the time 😉

Beach For Spring Break!

We would always stay at the same dang hotel, The Red Carpet Inn (I think the name is now different because they changed their carpet color, lol), and it was fun. They had an indoor pool that was heated and we would play in that for HOURS on end.

Then we would go to the beach and devour meat sandwiches with miracle whip on them and a bit of sand. They were good and so was picnicking on the Oregon coast! Lots of fun memories on the beach with my huge family.

Going To The Beach For Spring Break!

Traveling to the beach usually took us around 2 hours or so (depending on all the potty breaks) and though we were comfy in our station wagon, I sure would not have minded traveling in a vehicle with A/C, a stereo, and more room! Looking online at Sheridan Nissan, makes me wish we had a vehicle that nice to travel in.

Now that I am older and have a family of my own. We still travel places on our Spring Break. Last year we were moving, so we really couldn’t do a road trip last year, but this year we plan to visit Oregon and see my whole family. I can’t wait! Next week can’t come soon enough!

What Are Some Spring Break Memories You Have, Growing Up?





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