Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas from Whole Foods Market (Goody Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Maryann Drapkin #4229! We all know that Valentines Day is a few days away and I am sure you have been reminded and asked a million times, what are you giving your significant other? Do you even have a significant other? K, none of my business... Did you know that Whole Foods Market has some great last-minute Valentine's Day ideas! Who would have thought! There are some ideas below! Dinner for Two: GREAT DEAL: On February 13th and 14th, Whole Foods Market will be having a surf and turf special to help your date night sizzle! When you buy a dry-aged steak, you will get a lobster tail FREE. (*while supplies last.) Prepare to top off the night with a sweet finish like Chocolate Almond Cake with Bay Whipped Cream. This rich, dense and very chocolaty cake gets a flavor hit from a topping of bay-leaf-infused whipped cream. Bay leaves have a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Pink bubbles are perfect for this heart-shaped holiday—try … [Read more...]

See’s Candy Review

See's Candy

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Catharine Elizabeth #2842!! I remember as a child, my mom would ALWAYS go into our local See's Candy store and buy us kids the yummy lollipops! My dad would also buy my mom See's Chocolates for her birthday. See's has always been a part of my life :) Since growing up, I have not visited See's Candy like I use to, but was recently contacted to review some See's Candy and heck yes, was my answer! I was able to pick out a wonderful selection of See's Candy, including those delicious lollipops! Right now, See's has some pretty yummy Summer Gifts! Van Doren Chocolate Berries look exceptionally good! And I love that See's Candy has a page of goodies that are Summer-Friendly for shipping! That way, if it is super hot where you live, you don't have to worry about any of your candy melting or arriving mushy. Brilliant!  Another thing I wanted to mention about See's Candy is that they have the See's Candy Fundraising for your child's school! And, … [Read more...]

In Chocolate Heaven With Hershey’s Simple Pleasures! #hsysimplepleasures

Hershey Simple Pleasures Chocolates

Did someones say chocolate? Ya, I did and nothing in the world is better than chocolate when you are down and out, am I right? Last week was a not-so-great week for me. Well, Friday the 13th (to be exact) was a HORRIBLE day for me... To help me get through that day, wanna know what I did? I ate a WHOLE bag of Hershey's Simple Pleasures, yes I did... Did it make my whole day all of a sudden perfect? Nope. In fact my day got worse, later. BUT it did make me feel good AS I was devouring them up, and that is what is important, right? And,  since Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates have 30 percent less fat than the average leading milk chocolates, I did not really care about eating the whole bag (that and I am pregnant, so I can justify this..). So, now when I decide to eat a whole bag of these chocolate, I don't have to feel too guilty and I can feel great about loving that moment I eat them up :) And, Hershey’s Simple Pleasures chocolates is encouraging you (and your friends and … [Read more...]

Guylian Belgian Chocolates Review/Giveaway For Valentines Day :)


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Shelly Robertson #325!! Who doesn't enjoy nibbling on a piece of chocolate? I certainly like to nibble on it at times. I know my kids certainly do too! Especially if it is really really good chocolate like Guylian Belgian ;) The package I received was simply delicious! I am on a diet, so I was not indulging too much, but my kids and hubby certainly polished it off! With Valentines Day approaching super quickly (wasn't it JUST Christmas??!), I thought I would introduce you to this delicious chocolate, in case you want to encourage your significant other to purchase you some! The Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates are certainly a sweet treat for those awaiting taste buds! They are luxuriously creamy, rich and just plain good! These truffles are artfully crafted with the finest white milk, and dark Belgian chocolate and filled with the guylian signature truffle. It is really a yummy experience for your mouth. I enjoyed a few of these truffles … [Read more...]

Etsy Valentines Day Gifts

Hugs and Kisses Necklace

Valentines Day is a favorite of mine!!! How about you? I love receiving goodies and flowers :) I found some great gifts on Etsy Valentines Day Gifts, that are unique and great for giving to your sweetheart this Valentines Day! Enjoy and happy shopping!   Beautiful and simple sterling silver hugs and kiss necklace Retails for $41.00 Purchase At: Piano Bench Designs Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate Hearts $7.50 Buy: Calabasas Candy Co. Pink Love Print $15.95 Buy: The Apple's Bee Botanical Love Sachet $17.00 Buy: gardenmis Be My Valentine Sugar Cookies $12.50 Buy: Just Crumbs Pink Fingerless Crocket Gloves $37.00 Buy: Mucar Infinity Love Hidden Message Cuff $22.00 Buy: C.Johanesen Studio LOL! Soo cute! Dog Hat Sweetheart Be Mine $16.00 Buy: Sweethoots Bedtime Bath Salts Aromatherapy for Kids $6.99 Buy: Wild Rose Herbs Be Rustic Red Sign $45.00 Buy: Old New Again XOXO Hugs & Kisses Valentines Day Candles $20.00 Buy: ViVO Spa Boutique Heart Shaped … [Read more...]

Debate Over The Gift Of Lingerie

valentines candy

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner many people are looking for gifts for their special someone beyond the normal candy and roses. As we all know, the standard roses and box of chocolates are the gift of choice for Valentine's Day, but if you want to do something a little intimate for your loved one consider giving the gift of lingerie. Many couples try to give intimate gifts to spice up the relationship but make sure  your partner would agree. If you’re picking out lingerie consider your partner’s tastes, because a thoughtful gift could come off as gaudy or insincere. It’s not for everyone, but lingerie can be a great way to personalize the occasion and bring a little spice to your love life. Sometimes shopping at stores or boutiques for lingerie can be embarrassing, but there are a lot of stores that offer online shopping for those hoping for privacy with their purchases.  La Perla and Victoria's Secret are two popular lingerie web sites that offer private shopping, … [Read more...]