What Must-Have Items Are In YOUR Mother’s Toolkit? #DulcoEasePink

After having my last baby, I have finally come to realize just what exactly I NEED to get by with a new baby in the house. Yes, it took me three tries to figure this out!!    So, what is in MYMother’s Toolkit? Well, the things that I needed terribly were the following items: Nursing […]

Charting Your Fertility With OvaCue Fertility Monitor

If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you know that I have been having a heck of a time getting pregnant with our third child. I have also had 3 losses, but now I can officially say FOUR. I say officially four, because when I went into see my fertility specialist a few […]

“Goodbye”, She Told Me, And The Next Time I Saw Her, Was In Her Casket….

You just never know what tomorrow may bring, you just don’t. And no matter how much you THINK you know someone, you DON’T. I was pregnant the same time she was. She was absolutely GORGEOUS. She had many many many friends who loved her, thought she was amazing. She was funny, she loved to laugh […]

Morning Sickness GALORE!

Yep, have that morning sickness and it is hitting me hard! Though I will not complain, because I know it means baby is growing good with symptoms this strong. But, it is still very hard taking care of two little ones and feeling this nauseous all the time. I go in Thursday for another u/s […]


Infertility… Am I headed down that road? Yes, I have two little babies, and I am so thankful for them, so very thankful. We would like to add a third baby to this family though. We have been trying for 11 months now, to no avail. I have never had a problem with conceiving before, […]

Misconception: One Couple’s Journey From Embryo Mix-Up to Miracle Baby Book Review

  Every woman knows that getting pregnant is one of life’s most wonderful miracles in the world. I know when I found out I was pregnant (with both my babies), it was a wonderful time for us! I told everyone and was so excited! But, what happens when you are unable to get pregnant on […]

Ovulation Takes Place On Camera! Trying to Conceive And More!

Warning: Might make some sick to look at, but, this is what our female bodies do, so amazing! I recently came across this VERY cool picture of a human egg coming out of the the ovary. I thought this was truly amazing to actually be able to see it and see it clearly! Take a […]

So, it is my birthday Sunday….

BLAH! Ya, I will be 35 🙁 I am kinda sad because I have been ttc again, with ONE fallopian tube thanks to the d@mn Kaiser Surgeon (another story…) and I was eager to find out if I was pregnant this month and wanted to find out tomorrow on my birthday, but I took a […]