SingleCare makes healthy choices more affordable

*SingleCare makes healthy choices more affordable to you. Even though this is a sponsored post, opinions are all mine. I hope that SingleCare can help you! Do you have health insurance? My hubby and I do not. So everything is out-of-pocket cost and that can be SO expensive. That is why we both put off […]

Crazy, Natural Halloween Cosmetic Contact Lenses

*Product was received. Opinions are my own.     When I was younger, I always made a HUGE deal out of Halloween. It was (and still is) my second most best holiday! So, I always dressed up and did some crazy makeup! My eyes were always so ‘normal‘ looking though and that bugged me! I […]

Eye Healthy Foods For Thanksgiving (Or Anytime Of The Year)

*This post is brought to you by VSP. Opinions are my own. I never really thought of any food I eat to be “eye healthy“. Sure growing up, there were carrots that I would nibble up because my mom and dad said that carrots helped you see better. So, I made sure I was always […]