Why I Choose A Professional To Do My Taxes

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I have never been good at math, ever. I don’t care how many times I tried to get a good grade in math, it just never happened…


So, my husband was a bit shocked one year, when I told him I was doing our taxes. I followed my dad’s lead and I DID get them done, but it was HARD and confusing to do. I will never ever ever do it again!


So, for the past 5 years, we have hired a professional to take care of our taxes and you know what? It is worth EVERY penny spent. Every year we go in to get our taxes done, it is easy, stress-free and fast. We get in, we get out and then our money comes 10 days later. Yep, that is the way we do it.


Sure, there are more things to take into account, now that I am earning money from my blog. So, at first that was a bit complicated. But now that our tax person understands more about blogging and the income I make from it, she helps us with it all. She even goes through all of our receipts for us and helps us keep track of EVERYTHING. She is awesome!

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My husband has talked about getting discounted tax software and possibly trying to do it one year, on his own. But I am not sure if that will ever happen unless we find a professional tax software like Drake. Then maybe things would not be so difficult, but we shall see..

Until that day, when hubby feels like he can do our taxes, we will stick with our trusted tax professional that we have been going to for years. She is quick, honest and helps us out so much.

How about you? Do you do your own taxes or do you go to a professional?





  1. We get a professional to do our taxes, too. I want them done right and I agree with you and think it’s money well spent.

  2. I used to work at a tax office and prepare so I feel pretty confident doing ours. As my income increases I’ll probably start going to an accountant..

  3. Lucky for us, my mom is an Accountant, so she does them for us. We have too many odds and ends to do them ourselves.

  4. Over the weekend, I completed my business taxes using TurboTax. It did take some work but it was worth it to have it done and save the money.

  5. When in doubt, always go for professional help! Having someone else take care of it really works out better in the end, anyway.

  6. Since I’m becoming self employed with blogging I think I’ll have to switch to having a professional do my taxes each year.

  7. If you can swing the extra expense, going with a professional definitely is extra piece of mind!

  8. We go to a professional. We have too many odd things going on to tackle it ourselves.

  9. Ashley M says:

    I always do my own taxes but I couldn’t imagine doing them on my own with abusiness.

  10. Yeah, there is no way I am going to be able to do my own taxes. I, like always, will hire a professional to do it.

  11. We use a professional too. Since I’m self-employed and we have rental property it’s just too much of a task to try to tackle on our own. I think we end up with a better result and also avoid errors by using a professional.

  12. I totally agree with you. It gives us peace of mind to have a professional complete our taxes, also. I like the idea that professionals guarantee to be with you in the event of an actual audit. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. It’s nice that you have someone you trust to do your taxes. It’s catch and go for us. One year we got a hefty bill from an error the person we hired to do it made. It makes us nervous now. 🙂

  14. This year I let a professional do my taxes and I was OK with it. I tried to do them myself but felt like I wasn’t getting enough back.

  15. I wish I could convince my husband that we should hire someone haha, he does them each year.

  16. I’ve always done my own taxes and ended up with a migraine. I think it’s time to move to a professional.

  17. I would use a professional if I could afford one. I have been doing my own for years though, and will probably have to keep doing them that way.

  18. Before I was married I used to do my own taxes. Now we use a professional.

  19. We use Turbo Tax Business. Dont know if Im doing it right, but it would cost a fortune to hire someone. lol

  20. Sometimes it’s very much worth the money to hire someone! Glad they only happen once a year!

  21. I just hired a accountant for the first time because last year I earned a lot blogging. I just got hit with a big tax bill but thanks to my accountant he helped me to set up paying my taxes quarterly to avoid this next year and help find deduction to offset my tax bill. Also he is helping me set up my business license.

  22. I always use turbotax. But my mom’s accountant keeps asking me to bring it to her to take a second look. Maybe I will.

  23. I used to do them, but now that I’m self-employed, no way! There is way too much involved with it and it’s hard enough just gathering up the info to give to the accountant!

  24. I don’t even know HOW to do our taxes, so we always have help. This is a good tip!

  25. I have never tried to do my own, though I have thought about it. I pay a professional (she’s not expensive at all) and am always very happy with our returns (knock on wood)!

  26. We did it ourselves once and made a tiny ( i mean really small error) and it cost us SO MUCH MONEY! I always pay someone now, if they make a mistake I don’t have to pay for it!

  27. We do our own taxes. They are rather tedious though, not something most people look forward to.

  28. My Dad does our taxes. I provide food and good company, which is a price I’m happy to pay.

  29. WE do our own taxes. I should clarify, my husband does them.

  30. omg no way. with all the expenses and write offs and stuff> worth giving someone else the headache. 🙂

  31. Gah, we NEED to have a professional do our taxes. My husband thinks he can do ours but it’s getting more complicated.

  32. I used Turbo Tax this year because last year I did it and had no issues. I used to use H&R block every single year but their fees became a bit outrageous. My taxes are pretty simple compared to others so I will probably continue using TT until they get complicated!

  33. My husband has done our taxes every year using Turbo Tax. However, I have to take care of all the stuff for my dad and he owns a lot of property. I have a professional do his!

  34. I’ve used TurboTax since I began doing my own taxes. Before that, my mom used the same program to do them. TT makes it a lot easier process for us.

  35. My husband owns his own business so we have an accountant come in and do our taxes. It is way too complicated for us to do on our own anymore.

  36. I always do ours – but then math is my area of expertise! I recommend anyone not comfortable with math and tax laws to have a professional do their taxes.

  37. I did it one year and will never do it again. We pay a professional because I don’t want any problems and I am not good with math

  38. We always do our own. I’ve never even thought to hire somebody.

  39. My husband does our taxes w Turbo Tax.. We used to do H&R Block but we hated giving half of our money away.

  40. My husband is an accountant and I swear that’s why his hair is all gray. Doing taxes is TOUGH!

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