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Before my Mother-in-law lost her husband and moved in with us, we were a canine-free home. We had only hamsters and a fish. When mother-in-law moved in, all of a sudden, we WERE a canine family.

baby sleeping pug

She raises show pugs and treats them better than she treats herself. Those little pugs are her LIFE. They are her CHILDREN. They are so spoiled, my goodness..

baby pug puppy

They are gorgeous dogs and when there are puppies, watch out!! They are ADORABLE!! Me and my kids love on those little pups, how could you not???

Pug puppy

Then there is my brother, who recently lost his little Pomeranian doggy, who treated his dog like a child and did everything for her. She was his little princess. Her name was  Lisa Marie and she certainly could hold her own. My kids adored her! We were so sad when we learned she passed away 🙁

Lisa Marie Dressed Up

So, as you can see, these furry family members play a big part in not only our lives, but that of my mother-in-law and my brother’s life too. What better way to show your canines love, than to treat them with special Halloween treats for your dogs? After all, it is THEIR Halloween too. Why can’t they get something? Big Heart Pet brands page on is a great place to purchase and check out great dog treats!

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This Halloween, we are making some fun things for our furry canine friends, using Big Heart Brands products! I will be doing the crafting for them this year. If you have never baked or thought to make something for those furry critters in your home, friends homes or neighborhood, I encourage you to do so! It is so much fun and very rewarding to see those special pups enjoying those homemade treats/gifts! Too dang cute!

dog dressed up as santa claus

Feel free to check out the DIY ideas from Big Heart Pet brands! Find what suits your furry friend/s and start it. Halloween is THIS Friday, so don’t delay! If you need any inspiration, you can head on over to and be inspired to gift by the ideas on the Big Heart Pet brand page! Many fun ideas to get you started!

My DIY Halloween Doggy Treat Bag!

DIY Halloween dog treat bag


I had so much fun, making my Halloween Doggy Treat Bags! They are SO easy to make, and anyone can make them. I just used brown paper bags, google eyes, natural raffia for ribbon, small button (any kind will do), decorative paper for the cut outs and a red felt tip pen! Then, fill them up with yummy Big Heart Brands pet treats!

I can’t wait to pass these doggy treat bags out on Halloween night! What a treat it will be for those furry little friends! I encourage you all to make your own DIY doggy treat bag for Halloween, or another fun craft for your canine friends!

Keeping your pets safe on Halloween is super important too. You can check out the Big Heart Pet brands page on, to find out tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

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Dress Them Up!

Do you like to dress your pups up for Halloween? Good, so do we! LOL. Nothing like a cute doggy in a costume, oh my goodness it always makes me giggle! They always look like they are so uncomfortable and not happy, poor lil’ things! But, it is FUN to do! 🙂  There is an Instagram section, #TreatThePups, on, where you can get additional ideas for dressing up your pets this Halloween season and submitting a cute picture of your dressed up canine!

 Do you have any pups in your home? Do you dress them up and give them special treats, on Halloween?






  1. Aww what cute pugs! My little guy loves them and constantly begs for a “sad faced puppy” of his own. We don’t dress our doggies up because they’re too rowdy but I would love to one day.

  2. You have just about the cutest pets ever!! I love the little Pom dressed as Santa.

  3. Those little doggy treat bags are so cute, and really clever! How awesome that you get all those adorable little pups, and get to love on them!

    We are a cat family, but I’m hoping we will welcome a pup soon! I can’t wait to be able to make him/her homemade treats because cats being cats . . . well let’s just say they can’t turn their noses up high enough when it comes to homemade treats. Well unless it’s tuna, and then all bets are off.

  4. We don’t have any pets, but all of our neighbors do. I love the idea of making some cute doggie treat bags for them to pick up as they make the rounds in the neighborhood. Those puppies are adorable!

  5. Oh, my goodness! So adorable. How could you not love those little beasties. We have two dogs, but I secretly want a little toy breed all for myself. All those outfits are adorable.

  6. Ok, those baby pugs are too stinking cute! I love their little smushed in faces. We used to dress up our pets in the pre-kids days. Now it’s a wonder I can get the kids’ costumes done in time. But the pups will stick get some yummy treats. Can’t leave them out!

  7. Awwww, how cute are those pix. We have two rescue dogs that now have forever homes with us. They are now a part of our family.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Your puppy is so cute! These will make great treats for our dog.

  9. We have 2 sweet doggies in our life, and YES, I admit, they have been in costume several times 😉 One of them is so picky and refuses any kind of “dog treats” The other is a vacuum cleaner and loves anything edible (and not so edible).

  10. We don’t have any dogs, but I send my sister’s dog a treat for Halloween (and every other holiday). Her dog is a pain, but cute just the same.

  11. Such cute little pug puppies!!!! We don’t dress up our dog, I bought a costume last year but she was not a fan so it ended at that. that is a creative idea to give out pup treats too I am sure people (and the dogs) love it.

  12. I have two dogs at home. We have dressed them up for Halloween as a puffer fish and a cluster of grapes. I think we – the people – enjoyed it more than the pups did.

  13. Show pugs?? That is soooo cute!! We have two rescued English Setters in our home – we love them to pieces. I love that you’re making doggie bags for Halloween. 🙂

  14. Such cute little pugs! We have a golden retriever that we dressed up a couple of Halloweens. Now we have two kids so he doesn’t get costumes anymore. But we do make sure he gets his own dog treats.

  15. Those pugs are adorable…I want one. I love how tiny they are. It was really nice of you to allow her and her dogs to move in, sometimes families do not allow that and it is so heartbreaking. I’ve seen this done so often. Looks like your little girl adores dogs now, if she didn’t before. I don’t have pets but I think a puppy treat for Halloween is a great idea.

  16. I don’t have any pets, but may I dress up your mil’s pugs? They are so cute! Give them some extra treats for me this year. 🙂

  17. Awe, what cute photos! I love the idea of dressing dogs up on Halloween. It’s too much fun. Of course, they deserve fun treats for Halloween too!

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