Keep Your Handgun Out Of The Wrong Hands!

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It is on the news every day! I hear about people who are accidentally shot by someone or little kids getting their hands on a gun. I hear of accidental deaths that could have been avoided had that handgun been locked up properly.

Keep Your Handgun Out Of The Wrong Hands

You can keep Your Handgun Out Of The Wrong Hands, by simply locking it up, by being a responsible gun owner. We own guns and they are all locked up and away from our kids.

It is nice to have a gun safe that is close by when you sleep at night, so you can easily put in the code (or unlock it with the key), and open the safe and grab your handgun if there is an intruder. With the Shotlock Solo-Vault.

This is a handgun solo-vault that easily conceals and locks up your handgun, so if you need it, you can put in the code and grab it at a moments notice. But, it is safe because it is locked up and not available to the wrong people!

Shotlock Solo-Vault For Handguns

We installed this right by our bed, on hubby’s side. It is easily accessible to us, but not to our kids or their friends. You can easily mount this on a wall (like we did) under  your desk or in a vehicle. Or, you can simply carry this around, it has a handle! There are over 1500 four digit combinations you can use. No batteries required which I loved.

About The Shotlock Solo-Vault For Handguns

The Shotlock Solo-Vault for handguns is available in electromechanical or mechanical versions. This vault is made of military grade 14-gauge steel. It features a flanged, no-pry lid, double internal locking hooks, carry handle, protective felt inner liner so your handgun doesn’t get all scratched up. It has a key override and a no break lock clutch. The Shotlock Solo-Vault will fit up to a full-framed handgun.

The Shotlock Solo-Vault not only gives my husband and I piece of mind, but also allows us to have our handgun at arms reach if we should ever need to use it quickly. This is a great vault for our handgun and we plan on getting one for our shotgun too.

Shotlock makes a few different vaults for your guns. The make the Shotgun Shotlock Solo-Vault 200M, Shotgun Solo-Vault 200E, Handgun Solo-Vault 200M (that is the one we received), Handgun Solo-Vault 200E, AR Solo-Vault, and CCW Solo-Vault.

Shotlock Solo-Vault For Handguns


You can purchase the Shotlock Solo-Vault’s online at or The Shotlock Solo-Vault we received retails for $149.00.


One person is going to win the Shotlock Handgun Solo-Vault 200M!


The contest is open to US 18+. Giveaway will end on August 26, 2016, at 11:59 PM MT. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. I like the Shotgun Solo-Vault 200E.

  2. Stacey Roberson says:

    I like the handgun vault the best.

  3. Tina reynolds says:

    I like the one for Shotguns the the shotlock solo

  4. I would choose the Handgun vault.

  5. CCW solow vault

  6. laurie murley says:

    I would like to have the SHOTGUN solo-vault 200E

  7. Sonya Morris says:

    I like the handgun vault.

  8. timothy l says:

    a must have item for anyone with small children in the home also in the time of need easy to open

  9. I also like the ShotLock CCW.

  10. I like that this has a no-pry lid.

  11. Austin Baroudi says:

    I like the Handgun Solo Vault.

  12. Michele Pineda says:

    My husband would love the HANDGUNsolo-vault 200M, I have a .22 and would probably use something like the CCWsolo-vault for my gun since it is smaller than his.

  13. melody hodge says:

    I like the HANDGUNsolo-vault 200E. It has some really awesome features but my favorite is it Easily mounts on a wall, under your desk, or in a vehicle.

  14. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like the Handgun Solo Vault.

  15. I like the Handgun Solo Vault the best!

  16. The handgun solo vault would be perfect for my house!

  17. Robin Abrams says:

    I like the Handgun Solo-Vault

  18. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I like the CCW Solo- Vault.

  19. Amy Deeter says:

    My favorite one is the handgun solo vault.

  20. Allyson becker says:

    I like the SHOTGUN solo-vault 200E. That one intrigues me.

  21. ColleenMarie says:

    I also like the CCW Solo Vault

  22. vickie couturier says:
  23. Renee Walters says:

    I like The ShotLock CCW.

  24. I’d like the CCW solo-vault – it’s perfect for my baby Glock!

  25. HANDGUNsolo-vault 200M!!

  26. I think the only one that would be any use to me specifically would likely be the Solo Vault 200M. I do have a lock now, but the Solo would be a much more elegant solution.

  27. I think these should be obligatory for everyone owning a handgun. A great product!

  28. timothy luscko says:

    I like how it is made with Military grade 14-gauge steel frame with dual internal locking points also will fit a full framed handgun.would use when family comes over a safe place out of reach of children.

  29. Brenda Haines says:

    My favorite is the handgun solo vault. Thanks for the chance!

  30. Jennifer says:

    I like The ShotLock CCW. Very reliable, and I seen on their FBpage they now have the piece so that you can secure under a desktop or above.

  31. Kristi C says:

    The AR Solo vault would be great for my family.

  32. Kirsten Perez says:

    Ccw solo vault

  33. shannon fowler says:

    I think this would be perfect for my fiancé. I would like one for his handgun and one for his rifle.

  34. Ashley Perez says:

    This is perfect for my hubby!

  35. Margaret Smith says:

    I also like the one for the shotguns.

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