Tips For Parents To Ease Back To School Jitters

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My kids go back to school on August 22nd. I can’t believe they are going back soon. It is weird. I have not even bought their back-to-school supplies yet…

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Since we moved, my kids had maybe 3 weeks at their new school, then they were off for the summer. So, they did not really get comfy in their new school yet and they did not really get to know any of the kids there. So, both my kids not only have back to school  jitters, but they have a lot of anxiety too! Poor loves!

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To help us parents ease our kid’s anxiety, Neuropsychologist Dr. Sanam Hafeez Provides Tips For Parents to Ease Back To School Jitters.

Start Early

Over the summer, most families take their cues from the sun and stay up later. While it may be tempting to keep the late-night fun going up until the end, starting your school routine a few weeks early can help ease the transition back to school.

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Starting two to three weeks before the advent of school, begin going to bed and getting up close to when you need to for school, and try to eat on a more regular schedule as well. This advice isn’t just for little kids — teens and adults need quality sleep for proper functioning as well, and getting your schedule straight now will help ensure that you all start the school year off more prepared and don’t feel as much anxiety over the advent of that first day.

Give your child a preview

Talk to your child about what they’re going to be doing in the upcoming school year. If your child is starting school for the first time, see if there’s a kindergarten orientation or a way to meet their teacher before school begins.

Whether they’re starting a new elementary school or going back to the same one, go explore it with your child. Review where their class will be, visit the cafeteria, the library or the art room.


Take them to the playground (with a friend who’ll be going to their school, if possible) to help them get adjusted and feel comfortable at the school. Give your child a “preview” of the new faces and places they’ll be seeing. This can help to “right size” the school in your child’s mind and take the fear and mystery out of it.

Shopping together for school supplies

Shopping together for school supplies, and using the shopping trip as a time to talk about what to expect at school, can be a healthy way to keep a child talking. Parents should also try to connect their child with future classmates. “If a child knows someone who is going to be in the same classroom, that can greatly reduce their apprehension and fear of the unknown,” says Dr. Hafeez.

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Facilitate friendships

Help prepare kids for school-year socializing by arranging a couple of playdates with classmates and reminding them that they’ll be seeing their familiar school friends again soon.

Talk up the positives

Field trips, old friends, new classes, sporting events, after-school activities. There’s plenty to get fired up about! Remind your child and the enthusiasm will be contagious.

Sick of School-Literally

Nervousness over heading back to class can make kids feel sick. They may complain of stomachaches, headaches, nausea and dizziness, especially on Sunday evenings after feeling well all weekend.

If you observe potential symptoms of stress as the start of school approaches, Dr. Hafeez suggests having a candid conversation with your child. “Don’t just accept ‘fine’ if you ask your child, ‘How are you?’ or, ‘How was your day?’ Ask questions that can’t be answered ‘yes or no,’ like, ‘How do you feel about going back to school?’ Then, let them talk, and don’t try to fix what they say.”

When anxiety about school “masks” something else

Kids of any age who don’t want to go to school, or avoid it, may be doing so because of a specific issue beyond general anxiety, worry or depression, notes Dr. Hafeez. “Children who are bullied or teased often become anxious about going to school, and if the problem is not addressed, the anxiety will continue along with a host of other problems,” she says. “Similarly, children who are avoiding school may be doing so because school is hard for them — school anxiety many times emerges just before a child is diagnosed with a learning difficulty.

Do You Have Children Going To School This Fall? Are They Nervous?



  1. My boy doesn’t realize that there is anything to be nervous about. He is excited to see all his friends again and learn more as soon as possible.

  2. vickie couturier says:

    no actually they were ready to go back and see their friends

  3. I like to start early too! Great tips.

  4. These are some great tips. My niece is starting her first year later this month!

  5. SHIRLEY SYMON says:

    My daughters got better at the start of the school year as they got older. It really helps when everyone goes to the same school.

  6. My grandsons were very nervous to start back to school. Once they get the new routine down they’re fine!

  7. Julie Lundstrom says:

    The jitters always happens when it’s time to go back to school. They wonder if they will like their teacher. To help ease stress it’s just talking with them and letting them know all the fun they will have.

  8. My grandkids will be going back to school this fall. They are returning to the same school so that eases the jitters.

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