When You Can’t Travel During The Holidays

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Usually every year, me and my family travel to my mom and dad’s house for Christmas and New Years Eve. This year, however, we won’t be doing any traveling to see our family.

Why? Because we are too far away. When we moved to Idaho the beginning of this year, I did not think it would be so far away from our loved ones, but it is. So, instead of holiday traveling like we usually do, we will be doing our road trips in the springtime when the weather is better.

When You Can't Travel During The Holidays

When you can’t travel during the holidays, it can get pretty depressing for some people. Having no family or friends around for the holidays can be sad! Fortunately, I have made some friends already and so have my kids. So that is nice! And, my family and I are looking forward to seeing everyone in the springtime!

For those of you who can’t travel to see family during the holidays and are feeling alone, please know that you are not alone! Grab the phone and pick it up, call your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you.

You can also make homemade cards and send them out to your loved ones. Even doing live video chats with your family that is far away, can really pick up your spirits! I love hearing my mom and dad’s voice and talking with them face to face, even though we are miles and miles apart!

When You Can't Travel During The Holidays

There are many ways to stay in touch during the holidays. I totally understand the sadness, though, if you are feeling sad. I am like that from time to time and I pull myself out of it. I remind myself that spring will come soon enough and then I will be able to see my mom, dad, sisters and brothers. I can’t wait and either can my kids!

Do You Travel During The Holidays Or Do You Stay Home?

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