Create & Tell Stories with SKIT! (Plus The LEGO Movie Giveaway!)

Congrats to Jessica Schueler  *This post contains my personal affiliate links. I wanted to tell you all about a fantastic new app that is available! It is called SKIT! and it is pretty dang cool! SKIT!is a smartphone and tablet app that creates fun animated shorts (such as memes, remixes and more!) AND it has just released Emmet, Batman, […]

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

CONGRATS TO Katie Roch #354! Won the Chuggington Track and App These five people won the app: Misha Ferguson #2814! Rebecca Day #3287! Dawn Schmidt #77! Vickie Couturier #1413! Tina Neff #1371! This post is brought to you by Tomy and StoryToys. I am not looking forward to having my kids home for two weeks.. […]

The Perfect “His & Her” Valentines Day Gift! (Giveaway)

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Mary Beth Elderton #1514!! Still searching for the perfect Valentines Day Gift? I have something that is perfect (besides handmade soaps, that is!) It is great for you and your significant other! It is the HTC Wildfire S and it will rock your world 🙂 The HTC Wildfire S just knows […]