Us Likey: A Place To Get To Know Your Friends Better

Verifying winner *This post is brought to you by Us Likey. Opinions are of my VA, Billie. There are plenty of ways to share with people such as Facebook and Instagram. You can leave comments or even like posts and pictures, but do you really learn specifics on what your friends and family are into? Us Likey combines […]

Create & Tell Stories with SKIT! (Plus The LEGO Movie Giveaway!)

Congrats to Jessica Schueler  *This post contains my personal affiliate links. I wanted to tell you all about a fantastic new app that is available! It is called SKIT! and it is pretty dang cool! SKIT!is a smartphone and tablet app that creates fun animated shorts (such as memes, remixes and more!) AND it has just released Emmet, Batman, […]

Keeping Your Kids Entertained

CONGRATS TO Katie Roch #354! Won the Chuggington Track and App These five people won the app: Misha Ferguson #2814! Rebecca Day #3287! Dawn Schmidt #77! Vickie Couturier #1413! Tina Neff #1371! This post is brought to you by Tomy and StoryToys. I am not looking forward to having my kids home for two weeks.. […]

The Perfect “His & Her” Valentines Day Gift! (Giveaway)

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Mary Beth Elderton #1514!! Still searching for the perfect Valentines Day Gift? I have something that is perfect (besides handmade soaps, that is!) It is great for you and your significant other! It is the HTC Wildfire S and it will rock your world 🙂 The HTC Wildfire S just knows […]