Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Sweet And Spicy Poppers Appetizer

*This post includes my affiliate links Since this weekend is ‘the big game‘ weekend, I thought I would introduce you to an appetizer that is SO delicious it will literally have you begging for more! They are the best appetizer and they are called ‘Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Sweet And Spicy Poppers‘. Oh my goodness, they are SO […]

Hogs & Kisses Cookies: Peanut Butter, HERSHEY Kisses & Bacon!

Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day‘ like Hogs & Kisses Cookies! I actually came across this amazing recipe while I was shopping at JoAnne’s Fabrics the other day. I was browsing through the cookbooks and thought this recipe was so fun, I just had to make it (in my own way, of course!). This is a […]

Meatloaf Wrapped In Bacon #Recipe

You post one recipe about bacon and it goes viral. No kidding. What is it with Bacon and people? I swear I have not met one person who dislikes Bacon! So funny! Anyways, I saw this delicious recipe on another blogger’s site and HAD to make this for my own family. It is Meatloaf Wrapped In […]

Cream Cheese And Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

*This post includes my affiliate links Ummm.. Yum! Have you ever had cream cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms? If not, you are really missing out, they are so delicious! That is, if you like mushrooms. I used to not care for them at all, but since growing up, I love them in just about everything! […]