X Cooper Wireless Game Rocker Chair From Hayneedle

gaming chair

CONTEST OVER!  CONGRATS TO Kathy Luman #2510!!     What can you get a guy for Christmas? Well, I have a fun and not so expensive suggestion for you;) The X Cooper Wireless Game Rocker Chair from Hayneedle is quite amazing and fun! If your guy likes to play video games, then this will be his newest best friend during these long, cold Winter months! This chair is soft, comfortable and allows you to have the full gaming experience right in your living room (or wherever you game!). I did not get a picture of it in the box, but it was mostly totally assembled, all we had to really do was add the armrests (which we took off because the kids were sitting on them, ugh). This chair is designed to allow you to tilt and swivel as you play your video games. And, because it is wireless, you can put it in a position that suits your gaming needs. This is a durable vinyl chair that has armrests for your wary game playing arms, that will fold up with ease. Then … [Read more...]

No Wonder I Can’t Sit In One Place For Too Long…

contemporary desk chairs

It certainly cannot be the fact that my "desk chair" is not even a chair, but an old wooden crate... Just kidding, it is not an old, falling apart wooden crate, but it might as well be! It is not comfortable, it is OLD and it is lousy, just plain LOUSY! I certainly need to focus on getting me a great office chair, don't you agree? Just look at the picture above, and tell me I DON'T need a new one.. I have seen many office, desk and regular chairs in my lifetime! The ones that catch my eye the most are the comfy looking contemporary desk chairs. Now those, I could sit on, ALL day long. I would feel so important sitting in this chair, like my grandfather did!! My sister AND dad, both have some pretty remarkable and cool office chairs, so why can't I have one too? Not fair that they would both enjoy a great chair to sit on, but me not so much. Makes me feel a bit jealous! My late grandfather use to have a HUGE office chair that he would sit proudly at. He did not … [Read more...]

Our Living Room Is My Favorite Place In The House

Sofa Chairs For Sale

So, I have to admit, I absolutely love our living room. It is cozy, clean and homey. We purchased couches probably 3 years ago, and we still have them, and they are COMFORTABLE. Yes, they are a bit soiled, drawn on and have various stains that I am not sure what caused them, but they are comfy! Don't get me wrong, I do clean, deep clean my couches, but the stains and drawings don't come out... and I am okay with that ;) Me and the fam went out this last weekend (there were so many sales!) and we saw sofa chairs for sale. I have to admit, I was really liking what I saw, so we window shopped and I saw one I reallllly liked... Seriously, doesn't that sofa chair look AMAZING? I would never get myself off of it if we owned that! And, that woman looks like she is not planning on getting off it any time soon either... do I blame her? Nope. One of my good friends has a leather sectional couch and though they look totally nice, they are just cold feeling to me and not too comfy. I … [Read more...]

Office Furniture: Do You Have Any?


My home office consists of an arm chair and my lap top. Certainly not the best home office, that is for sure. I need to get myself an actual desk, comfy chair and some organizing baskets and folders. Heck, I need some office furniture, I need everything... There are days when I am not even sitting in a chair, but on the floor with my children and using my lap top, just trying to get some posts done so I can relax. It is not only hard on my back, but my whole body. I have seen many nice desks, chairs and organizing things, but it is just the time and money in actually buying the stuff. I suppose when my taxes come back, I could invest in the much needed office furniture. What kind of home office do you work from? Does it have an actual desk and chair? What about organizing things, like shelving, baskets or bins? Where is it located in your home? Do you have a lap top or desk top computer? Maybe if my readers can give me some tips, I can then use those tips and get my home … [Read more...]