Trick Or Treat Candle By Jewelry In Candles #giftguide

Congrats to Stephanie Larison So, Jewelry In Candles came out with another VERY popular candle, Trick Or Treat. This one was SO dang popular that it sold out EVERY. SINGLE.TIME it was put out. They could barely keep up with the orders on it and had their staff work overtime to produce more! I have been […]

Great Gifts For Her

Every year, figuring out what to get for my Mom and sisters is on my mind. I love thoughtful gifts, not just gifts that can be bought with no real thought to them, but something special and with meaning. Flowers definitely have meaning. Each individual breed of flower has a special meaning behind them. I […]

Spencer’s Online

When I was young, going to the mall and visiting Spencer’s was ALWAYS a fun thing for me and my sisters. I loved looking at their wide selection of different products. I also loved looking at their “not so nice” section 😉 Me and my sisters would just giggle. So happy the Spencer’s is still […]