Cyber-bulling Has Taken Off, See How You Can Help Prevent It

With school season almost here, for some, it is already here, bullying and even cyber-bullying could be around your child's corner. How do we as parents prevent this from happening? You hear horrible stories of kids being bullied to the point of suicide, what can we do to prevent this? The Department of Education is hosting a bullying conference in Washington DC this week.  Cyber-bulling has taken off in schools and many parents feel helpless. There is now a new technology that will help parents protect their children. If you can't attend the conference, don't worry, I can't attend it either, but you can still learn! creates a safe environment for children by placing moms and dads in control; provides peace of mind. is a safe digital environment for children, protecting them from vulgar, sexual or bullying emails or text messages.  If any incoming or outgoing emails or text messages have questionable content, they are automatically forwarded to the parent … [Read more...]