5 Handmade Gifts Under $25!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. Have you ever received something so special to you that you just had to share it with the world? That is how I feel about a necklace I recently received, from Powder & Jade, a darling jewelry shop on Etsy. I love all of their beautiful jewelry and found a […]

How To Find Unique And Affordable Gifts!

*Sponsored by The Lakeside Collection. Opinions are my own. Christmas is a holiday I absolutely adore. I already have my home halfway decorated for it! I just need to add my Christmas tree and a few other decorations and we will be all set! Love it! The only part I dread is the gift giving […]

Limeapple’s 14 Year Anniversary One-Day Sale! 30% Off Everything!

*Products received. Opinions are my own. We love shopping online at Limeapple. They have the cutest apparel for girls! My 8-year-old loves getting her Limeapple shipments in! She gets so excited! This Friday is Limeapple’s 14 Year Anniversary Sale! EVERYTHING is 30% Off with up to 50% off some sale items! Talk about stock up […]

StyleKey Takes The Guesswork Out Of Online Clothes Shopping

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. I love online shopping. When I have any extra money, I will shop online. One thing I don’t like shopping online is finding the right sizes and not being able to see how things fit me or my kids. I have had to return many items because of that! […]

What Devices Americans Prefer To Use When Shopping Online

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. It is true, every year more people are shopping online using smartphones and other devices. I know I am one of them. This last Christmas, I did most of my shopping online! Did you? I bet if you didn’t, you know of someone who did! Even my mom is now […]

StorkIt Your Own Personal Shopping/Delivery Network

*Sponsored Post, Opinions Are My Own. Being a parent or caregiver is hard work. I swear I am constantly on the run either to the kid’s school, doctor/dental visits or to the grocery store! And, when I do go to the grocery store, I have to go right back the next day because I ALWAYS […]

Hatley Offers Stylish Outerwear for Whole Family

*Products received. Opinions are my own. My kids love playing outside in the rain, snow, wind or sun. My littlest one loves to play outside the most though! Every time me, my hubby or his brother or sister are going outside he will cry until he is able to go out too! So cute! He […]

Give Unexpected And Extraordinary Gifts From LivingSocial #Gift2TalkAbout

*This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. This post includes my refer-a-friend link. Giving the same gifts year after year is boring, don’t you think? I wish I was more adventurous when it comes to giving gifts, but I tend to give gifts that are needed. Maybe some year I should think outside […]

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Online

*Sponsored Post. With the holidays flying past us in another blur this year, it’s clear that the rat race never stops. I mean, we all say we’re stressed out about our Christmas shopping, but let’s be honest, there’s always a quota of some kind to fill. This time of year, we’re saying out with the […]

A Custom Knife Is The Perfect Gift For That Hard-To-Buy For Guy

*Product received. This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own. My husband has to be the most hard-to-buy for guy in the whole world! I dread it when his birthday rolls around or Christmas, because I just do not know what to get him! Plus, he ALWAYS wants EXPENSIVE things that I just cannot […]