WOW Gift Boxes: Create A Moment of WOW (Review)

Wow Gift Boxes

Some gift baskets that I have received in the past have been not so interesting to me and often times I let my family have at them.  Not this one I received 🙂

The one I recently received was from WOW Gift Boxes and it was a GOOD one! It was the Dr. Pepper ” The Smoothest Soda & Sweetest Treats Loaded Gift Box“. Now who on earth could go wrong with that kind of gift basket?? Seriously…

And this gift basket was filled with things I actually wanted to eat. Not some weird kind of bread stuff or cookies I have never ever heard of. This had some real yummy things in it!

To prove my point on the goodies in this box, see what was inside:

  •  Dr. Pepper 16.9 oz – The original. The legend. The 23 Flavors you crave; here it is, in its plastic shrine.
  •  Diet Dr. Pepper 16.9 oz – Big on taste; but without the calories.
  • Dr. Pepper Cherry 12 oz – Same smoothness, same flavor, smaller size.
  • Diet Dr. Pepper 12 oz – You can have both full Dr.Pepper taste and no calories.
  • Dr. Pepper Ten 12 oz – Dr.Pepper for men; if you are not a man, beware.
  • Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper – An incredibly unique dessert topper – to add to your favorite dessert. Perfect for: ice cream, milk shakes, cake. If you love Dr. Pepper; you would be missing out in life without experiencing this taste.
  • Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellys – It is unbelievable how they can miniaturize that full, bold Dr. Pepper taste into such as small size – but it is true! These jelly bellys are delicious.
  • Dr. Pepper Sweet and Kickin’ BBQ – A big 18 oz bottle of BBQ perfect for basting, marinating, or dipping. Experience the bold DP taste in every bite.
  • Gourmet Butter Toffee Popcorn –Crunchy, fresh, sweet gourmet popcorn to please.
  • Claeys Kettle Fresh Fudge Gold Boxes – a scrumptious box of fudge that is hard to resist.
  • 2 Mrs. Fields Gourmet Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies – this cookie tastes like it just came out of the oven; you can’t go wrong with a great chocolate chip cookie.
  • Hand Written Greeting Card – A full size, elegant card – you choose the theme. We will handwrite your note with love!
  • Gorgeous Gift Box & Bow – All is housed in one of our designer gift boxes to keep your recipient in suspense until the last moment.

Ya, ALL that! Mmmmm….

This picture was AFTER we had nibbled on a few things, so some things like the Jelly Bellys are missing 🙂

A Bit About WOW Gift Boxes:

WOW Gift Boxes offer highly unique, fan-favorite gifts. These are perfect for Father’s Day, Graduation gifts, Birthdays, and more. About our gift: You know that special person in your life that ALWAYS has a Dr. Pepper on their desk? They will GO CRAZY for this gift box. Not only will they enjoy all of the Dr. Pepper goodness (like the Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper and even the BBQ sauce!) – but will be so thankful that you notice them. This will show just how much you care, and everyone will be overjoyed!

And, WOW Gift Boxes does not stop at the Dr. Pepper! No sir, you can also get Coca Cola, A&W Rootbeer and more favorite drinks gift boxes!! Don’t want the drinks? Ya, okay, then get a Spa Experience, Wine or Chocolate Gift Box then! Heavens, the selection over at WOW Gift Boxes is just too broad to mention here at Shop with Me Mama! You must go check it out for yourself 😉

So besides the awesome gift boxes over at WOW Gift Boxes, they also are doing some good! They have set a goal to donate 500 Gifts of Good by August 1st to Feeding America!! These gifts are in the form on non-perishable food donations to local food banks. Each Gift of Good is a container of 5 items, so that means 2,500 total items delivered to help those in need, right her in the USA!!!

For every Gift Boxes that they sell they donate 5 cans of food (and other non-perishable food items) to local food banks in the United States. They call this donate a Gifts of Good. So 1,000 boxes in a month means 5,000 cans of food. That is 5,000 more reasons to support them; and the world!!

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You can purchase WOW Gift Boxes online at

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. thats Awesome 🙂

  2. WOW is right!

  3. Natalie S says:

    That is definitely a WOW box! Great selection of products and beautifully packaged!

  4. this is pretty sweet! And I was stuck on a father’s day gift until now, I think. My dad drinks a dr. pepper every day… it’s his fave! he would love this!!! And the charity mission is a bonus

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