Organize Your Photos While You Take Them With PhotoSTO!

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We all take photos. I take so many pictures of everything from my kids to products that I review. I have SO many of them and they are all unorganized and hard to find! I hate it!

Organize Your Photos While You Take Them With PhotoSTO

An app I have been using lately is PhotoSTO. This is a great app to help you organize your photos while you take them. It is genius and so helpful. The PhotoSTO camera app is for the iPhone and iPad (Android is coming soon!!). You can easily organize your pictures while you take them. You can create your own custom albums which I love because now I can finally find my pictures when I need them!

PhotoSTO App

It really is that simple. This app is really user-friendly and I have organized most all of my albums. Every picture I take will go into the album I assign it to. I like being able to grab a photo I need for a blog post and know exactly where it is. No more browsing and sifting through tons of photos to get to the one I need! Now if only I had something like this for my laptop!

Organize Your Photos While You Take Them With PhotoSto!

The people behind PhotoSTO are passionate about causes that impact our lives every day and other people’s lives. So, they have committed to donate up to 30% of their net revenue, each month by identifying organizations and working with them to promote awareness in them. So, you purchase the PhotoSTO app and in turn, they get a donation! They post the donations each month, on their site. I thought that was pretty dang cool!

PhotoSTO donates 30%

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  1. Richard Hicks says:

    This is nice for someone like me who takes a LOT of photos

  2. What a neat app! I take TONS of pictures, so I’m sure that this would be useful!

  3. Debbie White says:

    This is a great app to use, because it saves you time on organizing photos later.

  4. Sarah Hayes says:

    i think this would be very helpful. i like that they donate part of their profit too

  5. What an awesome way to keep organized!

  6. Paula Adams says:

    This looks really helpful! Wish I had this option years ago to solve my problem of several shoeboxes of old photos! One day I’ll get them organized!

  7. kim brooks Brooks says:

    Great idea !!

  8. Michelle Neeley says:

    This would be helpful, I take thousands of pictures of my dog and son!

  9. Heather Cahill says:

    This sounds very interesting! Organizing photos has always been a challenge!

  10. Interesting hope it comes out for android soon!

  11. This would be so helpful. Keeping my photos organized is one of the hardest tasks for me.

  12. I love being able to organize pictures while I take them.

  13. very interesting,,,i dont have a place to store my photos

  14. This is great! I take so many photos of my kids!

  15. This is a cool idea to organize my grands photos

  16. melissa wilber says:

    awesome! I have a 4 month old grandson, Laven. My first grandchild, so i take TONS of photos lol

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