Celebrate Earth Day with Trudeau (Giveaway)

Bento Lunch Box Prize Package Giveaway

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to make smarter eco-conscious choices. Trudeau passionately supports the effort of being kinder to the planet by designing products meant to minimize environmental impact! What a perfect day (Earth Day!) to introduce you all to Trudeau! I received the following products: Fuel Bento Box Fuel Sandwich Wrap Fuel Hungry Bag Fuel 2PC Foldable Cutlery Set All of these are BPA free and include a 5 Year Warranty! Now I can pack my hubby a waste-free lunch everyday! Trudeau's Fuel Collection of products for meals-on-the-go is created with a sustainability approach that chooses material with low environmental impact to design easy-to-clean, reusable items that minimize water and energy consumption. Durable construction ensures long-lasting products and all components are recyclable. The Bento Box is a complete lunch in one container. My hubby is … [Read more...]

Shopswell Shopping Smarter (Giveaway) #Shopswell


*This is a sponsored post for Shopswell, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post does include my referral link! Shopswell Shopping Smarter A community of shoppers helping each other get the Right Products at the Right Price, that is Shopswell! I have had the opportunity to check out Shopswell and just adore it. It is fun to browse at the products and fun to be a part of a community who helps you get the best prices. Click image below, to make larger! Shopping online is now easier and quicker when you use Shopswell. All the products on Shopswell have  product videos, reviews, and community recommendations. Now I don't need to spend tons of time browsing other websites, searching for the best prices or reviews, to help me determine if that particular product is the one I need. Now I have more time for other things! I really like Shopswell's Price Tracker!  I can get the best chance at snagging the product I have my eyes on, at the lowest price. I … [Read more...]

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen (Giveaway & Coupon Code)

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*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. With weather warming up around the Pacific Northwest, I need to start thinking ahead! Not only will me and my family be spending more time outdoors, but we will need to be prepared for those harmful sunrays that will be beating down on our bodies! Good thing I will have our Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen on us and in our bags. There was a summer when I got so sunburned I could not move. Okay, there were SEVERAL times growing up, when I was severely sunburned and it was horribly painful. I will never allow myself to get that way again nor will I allow my children (if I can help it!) get sunburned. Blue Lizard delivers clinically proven, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection in a mineral-based, water-resistant, SPF 30+ formulation. I also like that the Blue Lizard sunscreen is doctor, dermatologist and pharmacist recommended! Click Image Below, To Make Larger I received the 3oz Sport, 3oz Face, 5oz Sensitive and 2 Baby … [Read more...]

Oreo Blizzard #GetUpsideDown #IC


*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dairy Queen. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for my participation I absolutely love that the weather is FINALLY getting warmer and allowing us to be outdoors more. I am so excited for this warmer weather, yay! With warmer weather means colder, yummier treats! We especially love visiting our local Dairy Queen and indulging in their Blizzards! Sooo good! This April, DQ is celebrating its 75th Fanniversary! Yay! They are highlighting their legendary Blizzard treats and is asking YOU to #GetUpsideDown with them! What Is the DQ Fanniversary? For the month of April, when you visit your local DQ resturaunt and order any Blizzard treat, it will be served upside down! If they don't serve it like that, it will be free on your next visit! I remember when the Blizzards first came out, this was how they always would serve them! It was really fun for me as a child to … [Read more...]

Get Organized with Fabric Boxes & Bins From Quilted Koala! (Giveaway)

Quilted Koala

*Products received. Opinions are my own. Every time spring rolls around I like to air out the house and start organizing. When the sun blazes through my windows, I start to see where I did not clean during the long winter months and suddenly I just want to clean everything! I want to organize all those piles and I want to do it NOW! But when I organize, I want to do it fashionably, of course. It has to look good, after all, I am putting tons of effort into it, right? I want to show it off :) I want to get organized with Fabric Boxes & Bins from Quilted Koala! They have the absolute cutest boxes, bins and more to help you get organized in your home! I was sent the following products: Jewel Orange Large Box Jewel Orange Medium Box Jewel Orange Small Box Jewel Green Bin I am SO happy with all of these storage boxes and this bin! So spring/summery! I can't handle the cuteness! I can stack the boxes on top of one another, I can use them separately or I can use … [Read more...]

Lifetime Raised Garden Bed

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*Product received. Opinions are my own. Just in time for Spring, I received the Lifetime Raised Garden Bed. I have never had my own garden and I really wanted to try one out this spring. Growing up, my dad ALWAYS had a garden and he made sure to keep us busy in it, pulling weeds and watering it. It was a great way to get us kids excited for the yummy veggies that grew! When the veggies were grown, me and my siblings would go out and pick them for dinner. I will never forget the taste! So delicious and fresh! Now that I am older, I go to my mom and dad's house when they alert me of ripening veggies! I take my kids and we pick them and I cook them up for my family. YUM! So, because of my dad and his garden's I want to do that for my family. I received the Lifetime Raised Garden Bed and my hubby had it put together very quickly. It is an easy inter-locking set up which means you do not need tools to put it together, which is awesome. I still have to put my little … [Read more...]