Buy An OtterBed Mattress For A Cooler Night’s Sleep

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My oldest son sweats so much when he sleeps. He has always sweated a lot, even as a tiny newborn. I have bought him cooling pillows and those seem to help with his head sweating, but his body sweats a lot too. It […]

How to make your car more comfortable

*Sponsored Guest Post By Katy How To Make Your Car More Comfortable: When you are comfortable in your car, you also can easily keep your car organized. I know when my car (or any place I am in) is organized, I immediately feel more relaxed and comfortable. Lumbar support – There are lumbar supports of […]

Okabashi: More Than Just A Shoe (Review)

I love flip flops and during the summer, that is all I wear, like most people, right? Either that or I am going barefoot. My flip flops have to be super comfortable, since I wear them so much. I hate flip flops that make your toes hurt, those are horrible! Okabashi, makes some pretty comfortable […]

Dearfoams Slippers For Fathers Day

    Whoosh! Is June half gone? Fathers, Day is nearing, oh my goodness, where has this month flown too? And to think we have YET to get sunny and warm weather 2 days in a row… Sad, huh? So, with that said, how many of you shopped for Dad yet? Do you have his […]

Smartdogs Slippers: Smushees Review

Flip flops can be extremely uncomfortable and they can get really super duper stinky, if you cannot wash them on occasion. Smartdogs Slippers has some really comfortable flip flops called Smushees. I received a pair for me, but they were too small, ugh, so I gave them to my niece. Her Thoughts: She loves how […]

dearfoams Slippers Review

    Since Spring is here (yay!!), dearfoams has come out with their new spring line and my are they adorable!! So why the heck does not spring into with their new line? I jumped at the chance to review two adorable pairs of the new spring dearfoams slippers! I owned a pair of dearfoams […]

Warner’s Bras: “This Is Not A Bra” Collection Review

Warner’s Bras newest collection “This is Not a Bra” is so comfortable! Read my review and enter to win one of your own!

Kushyfoot Review

Tired of wearing heels and having your feet just hurt? I am! I was recently at my brothers wedding and had to wear some heels, the shoes were very comfortable at first, but after about 3 hours of standing, they HURT! I ended up having to take them off by the end of the night, […]