Encourage Creativity With DIY Paintable Rain Boots For Kids

*Product was received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Well, now I have seen/heard it all! Paintable rain boots for kids and adults? What a fun way for your kids (and you!) to encourage creativity with DIY paintable rain boots! So neat! I was right too. When the mY DESIGN paintable rain […]

Hatley Offers Stylish Outerwear for Whole Family

*Products received. Opinions are my own. My kids love playing outside in the rain, snow, wind or sun. My littlest one loves to play outside the most though! Every time me, my hubby or his brother or sister are going outside he will cry until he is able to go out too! So cute! He […]

BOGS All-Weather Footwear Review

      I want to say that we LOVE our BOGS Boots!! When they arrived, I swear it was the most rainiest day of the year, UGH! I tore open the package and me, and my two kids on our BOGS. We had to test them out and so we put on our coats […]

April Showers Bring Batman Powers!

My little boy absolutely LOVES to play in the rain. We live in Washington state, so as you can all imagine we get a TON of rain all the dang time! Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Washington Shoe Company are unleashing the ultimate Bat-gadget this rainy season with a rain collection inspired by the favorite […]