Keeping Your Children Safe During The Holidays

Parents around the globe are busily preparing for the holidays. Getting shopping done and putting up holiday decorations. But, something that is often overlooked, is safety proofing your home for the holidays too. Let’s say you get a Christmas tree and decorate it with tiny ornaments and lights. Then, your little one crawls up to […]

Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound Washington!

Have you ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge? You know, the place where you stay and they have a huge indoor water park? Ya, that is where we went a couple of weeks ago! I also got to meet other bloggers 🙂 So that was really fun!! We received an awesome discount to stay […]

Bright Starts InGenuity™ Portable Swing Review!

We all know having little ones is very, well, hard at times! It is a must to keep them occupied all the time, to ensure happiness in the home 🙂 When your baby is little, however, it is a little harder keeping them happy. Swings are always a wonderful thing to have around, when your […]

A Coleman Camping Experience!

Do you enjoy camping? We do 🙂 But, me, I like comfort when I am camping, something pretty close to my home, or I am a brat! I like comfortable things to sleep on and a nice, sturdy tent to keep me warm and safe. I like my food to stay clean, cold and bug […]

Camping Out, Coleman Style!

I have officially lost it! I just put up a SIX person Coleman Tent in my livingroom!!! Whoosh, and all by myself! See, it is EASY to put up Coleman tents!!! I even had two little kids “trying” to help me! I ROCK! What crazy thing have you done for your kids lately????

Lulu Photo Book Review & Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO LISA G COMMENT #53!!! I absolutely love photo books and I am not talking about the old fashioned photo books where you have to put in your own photos and hope they stay together. I am talking about the photo books that you can make online and it comes to […]

ThermaCELL Lantern Review & Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Sue Ellison, COMMENT #163!! If you read my blog, you know I am not fond of flying insects or crawling ones either. They freak me the heck out. I certainly don’t want my Summer ruined with those around. UGH. We received the ThermaCELL Patio Lantern and are very pleased with […]

Company Kids: Beach Board Shorts and Rash Guard Shirt Review

Finding good beach wear for kids can be tough now adays. Not because there is not enough “out there” but because there is too much out there! Too many choices make my head SPIN! I like simple and easy.   Young skin (or ANY sensitive skin) is more susceptible to the sun, ocean and wind. […]

Belle Baby Carriers: "Dad's Day Gear Giveaway!"

To help celebrate Father’s Day this year, Belle Baby Carriers is offering a special DAD’S DAY GEAR GIVEAWAY with all of the gear that a new dad or dad-to-be needs. One lucky winner will receive: The “Jasper” hat from Wallaroo Hat Company DadGear’s Courier Bag Belle Baby Carriers Organic Black carrier Cultivated Caveman Books – […]

Residence Inn by Marriott

  Residence Inn by Marriott just got a new face lift! If you are traveling this Summer, Residence Inn by Marriott would be a great place to stay! With new renovations such as bigger lobby’s with WiFi and private work spaces for those last-minute jobs that need getting done to full-sized kitchens in your room! […]