Memory Lane… Remember These Things?!

I loved all these things when I was little, did you? Take a look below and tell me if you remember any of them! I LOVE finding things that I use to totally love and buy, watch, use, whatever!

Garbage Pail Kids!

LOVED them! Bought them all the time and had a pretty good collection! Too bad I did not keep them!


Small Wonder!

You know, that movie with that adorable robot girl named Vicki? Yep, that is the one! LOVE it! I actually have been watching the seasons on DVD for the past two days, LOL! The show is hilarious and it brings back so many good memories



Flicks Candy??!

I use to LOVE these candies!! Member them? Anyone?

K, Tammy got me thinking, I forgot to add scratch and sniff stickers and sticker books!

How could I have forgotten those? Below are my ALL time favorite scratch and sniff books EVER!

Sweet Smell of Christmas



Little Bunny Follows His Nose



Oh Ya! These are the scratch and sniff stickers I remember!! And they smelled soooooo good!! Borrowed picture from Hi-Res!


Fashion Plates! Loved them!


Colorforms!! I could play with my smurf colorforms for HOURS!




Shrinky Dinks! Come on! You have to know those!!!!





What things do you remember from your childhood???


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