The Best Handmade Soaps and Body Scrubs-OMG Love Them!!!!

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I can’t get enough of Etsy, I mean I can and WILL spend hours on that site. Like right now, I am on there and I can’t believe the soaps and body scrubs, OMG! I want them all. Tons of awesome handmade soaps and body scrubs that you will want to stuff in your mouth (not really…) and slather over your entire body.


The Best Handmade Soaps and Body Scrubs…

Gingerbread Handmade Cold Process Soap Bars Made By Concord Soap

Chocolate Handmade Soap Made By Larson Farm Naturals

Raspberry Truffle Lolli Soap Tarts Made By LolliLuscious

Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap Made By Sakura Bath And Body

Bluberry Cobbler Yogurt Soap Made By BubblesUpByBethieB


Stocking Stuffer Soap Animal Crackers Made By The Charming Frog


Candy Cane Soap Made By Lippincott Soap Co.


Beer Soap Made By drksoapcompany


Cucumber Melon Handmade Soap Made By Blushie


Holiday Christmas Soap Spiced Eggnog Made By Wicked Soaps


Pina Colada Tropical Cocktail Soap Made By Bubbles Up! By Bethie B


Pineapple Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes Made By Body Spell


Mint Medley Sugar Scrub Cubes Made By Soothing Suds


Gingerbread Sugary Lip Scrub Made By For Goodness Grape


Brown Sugar Bitty Blossom Soap Scrubs Made By Blossom Soap Studio


K, I seriously need to stop as I am going  crazy looking at all these body goodies, oh my heavens!! Do you love handmade bath and beauty products, like I do???


  1. Thanks for including my Murphy’s Stout and Vanilla Soap in your picks!

    Kind regards,

    Dr K Soap Company

  2. I love handmade soap. I would be afraid to buy some of those because my kids would try to eat them! lol

  3. Love these! thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Some of these are really beautiful (and 16k now…wow! thumbs up!)

  5. Thank-you SNOWMUCH : ) for posting my bitty blossom scrubs in your list. They are honored!


  6. The gingerbread men looks great. I think i’m hungry!

  7. They’re all special, but I LOVE the gingerbread men!

  8. Wow, those are incredibly pretty.

  9. I love hand made soaps as well….these look so delish, I could almost bite a few of them. lol 😀

  10. I’m afraid I’d end up in the hospital with those delicious looking (and smelling?) soaps around!

  11. How do you not just take a little bite out of some of those? I don’t think I could hold back.

  12. Wow.. these look too good to be SOAP! LOL

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