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What A Nice Day and An Interview with My 3 Year Old!

I am so happy that the sun was out today! What a difference it can make in my mood and everyones. K, so I have a really cute thing I am going to do with my 3 year old right now. (I can’t do it with my 1 year old for obvious reasons…). I am […]

Bakin’ Cookies!

o, today me and my kids decided to bake some delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies! They were very yummy to eat as we were making them! My favorite part is the actual cookie dough, soo good! I was not suppose to grease the cookie sheet, but did anyways (I don’t like to follow […]

Better Day Than Yesterday…

So, today was definitely better than yesterday! First thing in the morning, I got a phone call to be invited in a paid study, over the internet, for $200, more if I do good AND they are sending me a video camera to KEEP!! Made my day! Then, I got another phone call for another […]

Today Is One Of THOSE Days…

I know we ALL have them, one of THOSE days.. where NOTHING goes right and everything that can go wrong, does. The kids are completely misbehaving, and everything I do, seems to be for nothing, today kind of day. Everytime I turn around, something needs my attention, or one of my kids has done something […]

Fun Times…

So, I was all excited about my husband being off of work this weekend. One of the reasons, was to get a break from two kids wanting me to hold them every 15 minutes or less. So today is here, and guess what? My daughter is napping (yae!) BUT, my son REFUSES to go outside […]

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I don’t know why I am super excited that it is friday, since I am a Stay At Home Mommy… But I think it is because my dear husband is FINALLY getting a weekend off this week!! And, he is only working 8 hours tonight instead of the usual 10 hours. So, we get to […]

Saving Money Is Always Nice :)

I had a really good day today. Not very productive, but just a good day! Oh, I forgot to tell you all, this weekend I went shopping at Safeway. I received those $10 off $50 coupons (know which ones I am talking about?) And so I thought I would go shop there and use them […]

Some Goodies

So, I was reading through one of my many beauty mags, and I came across this really neat tip, that I want to share with you! Since your hands are the first ones to show signs of aging the quickest, at night, when you are applying your facial serum or lotion, apply a little bit […]

Beauty Products I Love!

~So, I have been thinking…haha… There are so many wonderful beauty products out there, and I LOVE beauty products, so I thought I would share with you, SOME my favorites! (I have sooo many!)~ My first (I actually just found this by trying a sample I received in the mail, and LOVE it and bought […]

Good Monday Freebies

What a typical Monday! Boring, rainy but extremely stressful! Yae for Mondays! What was I to expect but that? My poor little kids are getting cabin fever because of all of the cold, rainy weather we have been getting, so I have had to be very creative. Lots of Playdoh times, baking cookies, coloring and […]