Mega Bloks: Blok Squad Construction Set Review

We really like Mega Bloks around our home. Blok Squad is from Mega Bloks and it has some really cool playsets for kids ages 5 and up! Since my son loves to play with cars a lot and haul around rocks and little toys with his little trucks and cars, I thought the Blok Squad […]

The Moon Dough Gets A “Doughlift”! (Review)

I am sure you all know what Moon Dough is, right? If not, it is magical molding dough that NEVER dries out! It is quite impressive, really, and I absolutely love playing with it as much as my children do! In the past, Moon Dough has been known to be MESSY. So messy and crumbly […]

Backyard Safari Outfitters Review!

My little kids love to explore outdoors. They love to catch bugs (sooo many bugs, ugh!) and they love running around in our fields! So, when they receive goodies in the mail for outdoor exploring, my kids get really excited 🙂 My kids received some really fun stuff from Backyard Safari Outfitters. They got the […]

Caillou Doll and Caillou Learning Train Review

I first want to say that I absolutely love being a part of Team Mom! They always have really really amazing opportunities for bloggers and I really appreciate it. That said, I had the opportunity to review the new Caillou Doll and Caillou Learning Train!!! Oh heavens, my kids love Caillou, so this was a […]

Raisels Review

Raisels! Know what they are? Well, raisens of course, with some sugar coated on them and they are in different flavors! When these arrived at my home, I was not super excited to try them out. First of all, I will be honest with you, I have NEVER enjoyed eating raisens, ever. Don’t like them. […]

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO debi jackson #29!!     Mega Bloks Domino Build Game is out and it is fun for you and your kids! Who will build their animal first? This is a great game for both boys and girls ages 3-6 years old.The Mega Bloks Domino Build Game teaches children all about colors, […] Review

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Pop On Pals Amusement Park Playset Review & Giveaway!!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Sue Ellison COMMENT #117!! I was really excited to be able to review these new great toys for kids ages 2-4, so perfect for my little ones! We received the Pop On Pals Amusement Park Playset to review and keep. I gave it to my little girl, and let her […]

Backyard Safari Outfitters Review!

I was approached by Team Mom to do this review a while back and never received this product. Today, I found out why! My hubby happened to go to our old house and on the front door step was the package! I am so thankful it was not stolen! Yikes! Now, onto the review…. Do […]

Making Holiday Shopping Easier!

This is just in the nick of time for the busy holiday shopping season! Two new helpful websites for consumers like you! This website provides the information that you need to make the right choices about which toys to buy for your family. From safety facts, free downloadable play guides to recall information, it […]