Xpressivo® X1 “single-serve” coffee machine & 6 Month Supply Of Coffee Giveaway!

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Congrats to Rebecca Williams Parsons *This post contains my personal affiliate link. Before kids, I never drank coffee. I liked the smell of it, but that was as far as it went. I even worked at a coffee shop, but never made any coffee for myself. I enjoyed the tips though :) After kids? Ya, a whole different story! I NEED coffee every morning. Several cups of coffee, every morning! If I don't, I regret it and am miserable the whole day long :(   What about you? Do you drink coffee on a daily basis? How many cups do you consume each day? Or are you more of a tea drinker? Well, if you do drink coffee, then this giveaway is for YOU! Yay! I am giving away a Xpressivo X1 Single Serve Coffee Machine with a personalized six-month supply  of deliciously authentic, Italian-imported coffee capsules! What parent would not want to win this doozy of a prize? It is worth over $400!!! Woot! Details About The Xpressivo X1: The sleek X1 machine makes delectable … [Read more...]

BO-PO: Brush On, Peel Off Nail Polish (Review & Giveaway)

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Congrats to Maria Simon *Samples received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Do you remember the brush on, peel off nail polish when you were younger? I do, because I have older sisters. If you are not as ancient as me, then you probably do not remember. But, the polish was really neat! It is not messy to use, but if you DO get it on the table or somewhere else, you can just peel it off. So, when I let me daughter and her friends paint their nails, I don't have to have an anxiety attack! Yay! The polish is called BO-PO and you can easily brush it on and when you are done with it, peel it off. No nail polish remover needed. It also dries really quickly! The BO-PO Nail Polish comes in 10 different colors, so there is a color or two for every little girl! We received two colors to try out. I let my daughter paint her own nails and she did pretty good! I then did my nails just to test it out. Yep, it dried quickly but peeled off just as … [Read more...]

Get Gorgeous, Glowing Skin For Summer! Review & Giveaway!


Congrats to Andrea *Product received, opinions are mine. It is tough bearing your skin for summertime, after a long, cold winter. No one wants to see thick, hairy legs and pasty white skin.. Well, maybe some people don't mind bearing skin like that, but me? I like to have smooth, tanned skin for summertime :) To get you in shape to bare that skin, I have a kit just for YOU! Not only can you pamper your body/skin, you can achieve healthy, glowing skin AND feel super pampered doing it! Just like you are in a spa! Yay! The HAMMAM Kit from Moroccan Hammam is only $39 (on sale from $89!!!) and has everything you need to get your skin ready for those shorts, skirts and swimsuits you will be wearing!! Woot! The kit comes with the following pampering products:   -1 Black soap jar 180 ml for the face and the body -1 Kessa glove for scrubbing -1 Rassoul jar 180 ml for face, body and hair -1 Argan oil bottle 70 ml I love this kit. It is so nice to use and makes my skin SO soft. The black … [Read more...]

Win A 3 Month Subscription To GlobeIn Artisan Box!


Congrats to Lisa Pecora *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Being a review blogger is something that I never planned on doing. When I first starting blogging, it was all about the deals I could find online and about my kids. It was just a hobby and something that I had tons of fun doing. I blogged when I wanted to and I said what I wanted to say, without really 'thinking' about it. I look back on my old blog posts and think, "wow, I was certainly more carefree and silly!". Do I miss those days? Yes, I do. Sometimes I read those old blog posts and laugh my butt off because of the humor in them. The fun and silliness in them. But somehow, my blog took off in a different direction (one that I am very thankful for) and now my site is more 'business' like.. I am okay with that, but I do miss the silliness at times! I noticed people liked those old posts and responded with laughing. I LIKE that!! With all that said, being a review blogger has its perks. It is a … [Read more...]

JOHNSON’S® Baby Products (Review & Giveaway)


Congrats to Tom Sander and Wendi Carroll Shifflette *Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. I remember when I was very young and my mom would give my younger siblings (as little baby's) baths in the baby bathtub on the bathroom counter. She would ALWAYS use JOHNSON'S Baby Products. I remember the smell and it just has always stuck with me. I vowed I would wash and moisturize my babies skin the same way my mom cleaned and moisturized our skin! Since then, I have had three, beautiful babies! But, each of my baby's had eczema REALLY bad, so I could not really use JOHNSON'S baby products like my mom did on us, BUT I did use it in SMALL amounts. I just bathe my kids in warm water, not too warm and I don't let them soak for too long as their skin did not like that. I used a small amount of JOHNSON's Baby soap on their feet, hands and some in the hair. The rest of the body, I just used warm water. When they were done with their … [Read more...]

Looking for a daily dose of relaxation at home?

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Congrats to Tamar Swe *Product received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. What parent could not use some 'me' time during the day? If I don't get my time during the day, I can be grumpy. I need a chance to regroup and just zone out for a few. When do I find time to do that though? It is usually when my hubby gets home from work. I have him take the baby, watch the kids and I go take a shower. That is MY time and I look forward to it each day! Recently too, I have gotten into that whole 'Essential Oils' thing. I bought a kit a while back and have used it quite a few times already. I was very intrigued with what I heard about these oils, so I had to try them out. Let me tell you, the peppermint Essential Oil really does work on getting rid of a headache, pronto. Love the stuff. I am still experimenting with the others, but so far, I like them a lot. So, when I heard about ESSIO aromatherapy for the shower that is suppose to Turn Your … [Read more...]