OtterBox Cases (Review and Giveaway)


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Jennifer Tilson #1356! *product was received. All opinions are mine! The problem with having so many devices is having to protect them. I have an iPhone and I have a wonderful case on it. It was spendy but well worth it. It is an OtterBox case of course! My hubby was sent an OtterBox case for his Samsung. He was sent the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Defender Series Case. This fits perfectly, of course and really protects well. We love the durability of the OtterBox brand and know that it can and will protect our devices really well. The case is strong feeling and has already taken a bit of a beating but it is still holding strong! This is definitely a highly protective and rugged Defender Series case and my hubby loves it. Pretty sleek-looking, eh? We love it, but then again we love the brand already anyways!! All of our devices have OtterBox protecting them :) Buy You can purchase OtterBox Cases online at Right now … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Freshen Up Summer Recipes With Fisher Nuts! (Review and Giveaway!)

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CONGRATS TO Kymi Adams #6432! *I am working with Fisher to share recipes and create my own original recipe using Fisher Nuts and tools they provided. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments Nothing says summer more than some wonderful, healthy and delicious food, right? Sure, we all eat lighter during the summer, but just because we eat lighter, does not mean our food has to be bland! I love a lot of taste in my food as I am sure you all do. I also like to add a little 'crunch' to my food too! So, adding Fisher Nuts to some of my summer dishes, is just too yummy! Adding Fisher Nuts to ANY recipe is a great way to freshen up your summer recipes, in a pinch! Recently I was sent some Fisher Nuts to help spruce up my summer meals. I used the slivered Almonds in a dish to die for!! We made sweet and sour spare ribs with rice and we added the slivered almonds to it. Talk about a great taste with a crunch!!! Soo … [Read more...]

eBags Bookworm Kids’ Pack (Review and Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Kathleen Porteous #142! *I received product to review. All opinions are mine. I think I am doing pretty good with my kids back-to-school shopping. All I really need now is school supplies and lunch bags for them, otherwise we are pretty much done! Yay! We got their back packs through eBags. We got them the Bookworm Kids' Pack and I was able to review one for both kids! Now we don't have to worry about back packs. The eBags Bookworm Kids' Pack is really a neat pack. It has many pockets and compartments for the kids to utilize. It is strongly made and durable, perfect for my busy kids! I love the full featured double-zip front organizer compartment. My son loves this too as he thinks it is a 'secret pocket' area! Ha! Too cute! I also really like that this bag has your child's safety in mind! It has the 3M Scotchlite™ reflective panel on the front, 5 Photo-reflective zipper pulls, photo-reflective accessory strap at the base of the front panel - perfect place … [Read more...]

Yale Real Living Locks Give You Peace Of Mind (Review and Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Raine Dawson #2720! Now that I have a family of my own, I want to protect them and make sure no intruders can come into my home. With an alarm system and some good locks, a family can be safe. Yale Real Living locks are one way to ensure your family stays safe, even when you are not home to protect them. My kids are way too little to be home by themselves, but one day they will be big enough and when that day comes, I want them to be protected in every way possible! I recently was able to review a lock from Yale. I received the really  nice Yale Real Living Satin Nickel Finish Keyless Entry Deadbolt to review and man is it sleek!! We also received the Z Wave Module which is a keyless Radio Module to integegrate with the digital home Keyless Entry Deadbolt. You just plug it into the keyless deadbolt when installing it. The Z Wave is a wireless ecosystem that lets all your home electronics talk to each other via remote control. It uses reliable, low-power radio … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Shopping with Fruit Of The Loom! ($75 Gift Card Giveaway!) #BacktoSchool #FruitoftheLoom


CONGRATS TO Christine H. #6812! *A Gift Card Was Received. All Opinions Are Mine! Oh my heavens, I simply cannot believe that summer is coming to an end soon and that back-to-school season is almost here, eek!!! NO!!!! Make it STOP. This year, I am especially sad, because my little girl will be going FULL TIME to kindergarten and my boy will be in 2nd grade :( So, I am so happy that I have a baby at home with me, because if I were all alone, I would NOT be ready for that! Make these little kids stop growing up!!! With all that said, school will be back in session soon, whether I approve of it or not, sigh. And with back-to-school, comes the shopping. Now I have to admit, the shopping part is fun for me :) I love shopping!! What girl doesn't? My kids need all sorts of stuff as they are growing so rapidly! Underwear and undershirts are on the list of things to get them for back-to-school. I love shopping at Walmart, regardless of what people say. We did a big … [Read more...]

Posh Play Mat: Easy On The Earth! (Review & Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Ruby Yoshi #1168! *product was received. Opinions are mine. My baby boy is becoming ACTIVE. Oh my goodness, I swear it happened over night!! Whoosh.. He still cannot fully crawl yet, but he certainly can inch his way across a room or four! When my boy is on the floor, I do like to make sure that floor is clean. He is starting to also put things in his little mouth! I have to be so careful!! The Posh Play Mat is a wonderful alternative to the bare floor. I was sent one to review and we LOVE it! When this arrived, I never really knew how BIG it was (it is 50" x 45"!) . This is a very nice sized play mat! Perfect for a baby that is starting to be more active and can move around a bit more. The Posh Play Mat is PVC free and was designed by a mom with detailed attention to style, function, durability, quality, and safety for your child. This mat is EASILY wipeable and very cool looking and feeling! I can use it for my baby or under the high chair! This mat … [Read more...]