Revive Weakened And Lifeless Hair With These Products

*Product was received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Nothing is worse than having a bad hair day. Okay, there are a lot worse things, but still…When a girl has a bad hair day? Ya, that is not a good thing! Right now, my hair is better than it has been […]

Gorgeous Hair Is Easy To Achieve!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. Having gorgeous hair does not have to be something of the past. As I get older, my hair is getting ‘older’ too, it seems, but it does not have to! I am slowly trying to get it to look like how it did years ago. Lush, strong and HEALTHY. […]

Ways to Maintain Your Youthful Look

*Sponsored Guest Post Far too many people consign themselves to looking old when there’s simply no need too. Aging gracefully seems to be a thing of the past, with some resorting to botched plastic surgery and excessive makeup. Truth is there are natural ways to Maintain Your Youthful Look; the best thing about these methods […]

Ceramic Silhouette Straightener And Titanium Magic Wand by NuMe

*Product will be received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. I am so happy I don’t live in a state where it is always humid. If I did, my hair would be CRAZY frizzy! I have visited Florida many times before and each time my hair was just horrid. So I […]

Jane Carter Solution Natural Hair Care Products

Congrats to Vera Khule *Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My hair is WEIRD. It is curly/wavy underneath and super stick straight on the top. It is almost like the mullet, but not. Maybe a party underneath and business on top? Ya, I will go with that.. Because of my […]

Transform Your Hair With Instyler Tools #RSVPInStyler

*This kit came from Vocalpoint, opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate link. I love trying new things with my hair. My hair is curly AND it is straight in some areas and that makes for styling my  hair sort of difficult.. My hair is confused and that makes ME even more confused! […]

Caring For Your Hair In The Summertime

Congrats to Karen Glatt *Products were received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate links. During the summer, my hair just gets dry. I hate it! All that dry weather and sun can really take a toll on the mane. I usually use the oils in my hair and shampoo every other day or so, […]

The Truth about Supercuts and Franchising #franchising

*This is a sponsored post. Opinions are mine.So, you want to start a business but you are unsure as to where to start, right? There are SO many ways to get involved in home based businesses, but you MUST do your research first. I have been involved in many that just wanted to drain my […]

Get Gorgeous Healthy Hair with Natural Essentials

*Product was received. Opinions are mine.   I have VERY thick, long hair. I always have and probably always will have the longer hair (maybe the thickness of it will go away though..). So I have been blessed. But, my hair does get super dry and I hate that! Especially since I color it so […]

MANGROOMER Review & A Giveaway!

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Tina Reynolds #1196!!   If you are not too wild about a hairy man (or woman!) then MANGROOMER is certainly something that can help with all that hairiness! From a nose hair trimmer (hey, I use it!), professional back shaver (some men REALLY need this one…) to that essential private parts […]