Too Much Stuff, Too Little Space!!!!

Storage Rentals

My mother-in-law has GOBS of stuff. I mean, this woman has accumulated so much stuff and her home is not that big. Since her hubby died in April, we have been trying to downsize her stuff, because she will be moving in with us in August! We have tons of stuff already in our home and having to add her stuff to ours will be a very interesting task! Photo credit: puravida from Thanks to mother-in-law, new renovations are happening around our home and we are all very excited to welcome mother-in-law here! We all get along wonderfully (who can REALLY say that about their in-laws?? I CAN!!!) and we just can't wait. But, then back to all her stuff! UGH! Image from Uncle Bob's Self Storage¬† We are trying to make more space in our home, but we are already cramped. We are adding more storage space and a pull barn, but in the meantime, we NEED a place to put her stuff!! We are checking out all of the local storage spaces available and pricing them using the handy¬†self … [Read more...]

Moving Day Is Here! Ugh!

So, this weekend we are moving to our new home! We are so excited but I am a bit sad to leave this home too. You know, the anxiety and sadness that one feels when leaving a home they lived in for 2.5 years? I brought my baby girl home in this house.. Anyways, I can't think like that! I doubt I will sleep tonight, so much to do, but wanted to let you all know where I will be! I will still be on, but no as much to blog. Now, the pictures say it all! I KNOW all of you are so envious of me moving... Look at all the things I get to move... Ya, I will spare you the other 4 rooms FULL of things.. So, now you know :) Don't be jealous now! You can always come and help! :) … [Read more...]

Helpin’ My Husband Move Trucks Today…

So, we are trying to clean up our yard, so that we can have friends over on the fourth of July weekend. So, I am helping my hubby move ALL of his "dead" vehicles (and there are MANY). My job is to steer them and coast them down the long driveway without brakes, mind you, to their final destination! Fun and good times, let me tell ya. Just came in to take a quick break, but I think he needs me again, sigh... I just grabbed all the garbage and moved old chairs from the back of the house, oh ya, it is a mess... It is starting to look better though. My husband just LOVES to collect old vehicles, and I say whatever, it makes him happy, I don't care. I love him and it could be worse, right? LOL... He puts up with running to the Post Office every other day for me, for all the contests I have been having on my blog, so we are even ;) What are your plans for fourth of July? Doing anything fun? we are gonna have a big ole barbecue, LOTS of fireworks and some "special" beverages ;) what are … [Read more...]