Too Much Stuff, Too Little Space!!!!

Storage Rentals

My mother-in-law has GOBS of stuff. I mean, this woman has accumulated so much stuff and her home is not that big. Since her hubby died in April, we have been trying to downsize her stuff, because she will be moving in with us in August! We have tons of stuff already in our home […]

Moving Day Is Here! Ugh!

So, this weekend we are moving to our new home! We are so excited but I am a bit sad to leave this home too. You know, the anxiety and sadness that one feels when leaving a home they lived in for 2.5 years? I brought my baby girl home in this house.. Anyways, I […]

Helpin’ My Husband Move Trucks Today…

So, we are trying to clean up our yard, so that we can have friends over on the fourth of July weekend. So, I am helping my hubby move ALL of his “dead” vehicles (and there are MANY). My job is to steer them and coast them down the long driveway without brakes, mind you, […]