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Some Goodies

So, I was reading through one of my many beauty mags, and I came across this really neat tip, that I want to share with you! Since your hands are the first ones to show signs of aging the quickest, at night, when you are applying your facial serum or lotion, apply a little bit […]

Beauty Products I Love!

~So, I have been thinking…haha… There are so many wonderful beauty products out there, and I LOVE beauty products, so I thought I would share with you, SOME my favorites! (I have sooo many!)~ My first (I actually just found this by trying a sample I received in the mail, and LOVE it and bought […]

Good Monday Freebies

What a typical Monday! Boring, rainy but extremely stressful! Yae for Mondays! What was I to expect but that? My poor little kids are getting cabin fever because of all of the cold, rainy weather we have been getting, so I have had to be very creative. Lots of Playdoh times, baking cookies, coloring and […]

Great Freebies For Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was very busy but fun! I got a lot done, cleaning wise, and not so much else done. At least I have a clean home though, right? That is what I have to tell myself. Well, here are some goodies for Sunday. I will chat more with […]

Friday Paid Studies

Oh my! I cannot believe how busy I have been this last week! We are going through some major changes around our home and it has taken everything out of me to prepare (think MIL & FIL moving in…) So, that is why I have not been able to do many blog posts this week! […]

Tuesdays Paid Online Studies and Freebies

Uggh! RAIN! Today I look out the window to rain, gray skies and mud puddles, yuck! I want Spring to come so that the weather will be a bit better and I can get outside and plant and weed and all that fun stuff! I just cannot get motivated when the weather is so gross! […]

Freebies, Paid Studies and Fun Stuff For Monday

What a busy weekend I had! Oh my! I am spring cleaning my home and trying to get everything done while taking care of my busy babies! So much fun! So funny to watch my kids trying to help their mommy clean, when really they are making a bigger mess for me to clean up.. […]

TGIF! Look At These Goodies :)

So, before I give you all the Friday goodies, we will chit chat for a sec. I decided to highlight my hair today. I used the Loreal coloring highlighter kit. I was suppose to use that adorable “bonnet” that comes with it. As I was ‘trying’ to put it on, my one year old daughter […]

Thursdays Goodies

WHOOSH! Sorry I missed you yesterday! What a busy day I had with the kids, no time to get on here, that was for sure! I am potty training my three year old boy, and it has been time consuming, but VERY successful, yae!!!!! He is almost there, my big boy! My one year old […]

Tuesdays Terrific Deals and Freebies

Here are some great freebies for Tuesday. I hope that everyone is having a good day. I know I am! I started working out last night, so I am a bit sore today. I am going to try and do this at least three days a week. It was kind of hard last night to […]