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VGNO! Woohoo!!

Woohoo! It is Friday, and it is GNO at Anne’s! So, head on over to her blog, and let’s do some blog hopping! (Like I haven’t been all week with the UBP going on right now!!) K, I am suppose to turn the below words into some kind of lil’ story, so here goes! **Lounge […]

Contests and Fun Stuff

BLOG OF THE WEEK: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go and enter this contest! It is for a Twighlight DVD and a Starbucks card!!! Very cool! Here is where you can find it: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and a $25 TJ Maxx Gift Card Go to Classy and Fabulous to enter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE Mini […]

I Don’t Feel Good Today :(

LOG OF THE WEEK Can’t believe it is already Tuesday! I have been a bit under the weather lately, don’t know why? Wish I would get to feeling better soon. This morning I ACCIDENTALLY gave my kids a lil’ bit of coffee, sigh.. See, I don’t really drink coffee, but we have this “hot chocolate” […]

Mondays Stuff

BLOG OF THE WEEK!!! // <![CDATA[ document.write(" \n\n \n\n “); // ]]> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been to so many awesome blogs and I have so many more great blogs to visit (From the Ultimate Blog Party 2009) I am having a blast!!! So, that is why my blog posts are not really that interesting lately, […]

2009 Ultimate Blog Party! Let Me Introduce Myself!

K, first of all, I welcome you ALL to my party ๐Ÿ™‚ Secondly, I want to invite all of you blogger mamas (non-mamas and daddys too) to have a chance to be featured on my daily blog for ONE WEEK! So, everyone that leaves a comment below will be qualified! I will choose a random […]

"Todays Green Construction"

So, I am entering this contest, and I really need to win this, because our whole house is a huge fixer upper!!! It is the “todays Green Construction” giveaway for a $200 Home Depot Gift card!!! Woohoo, the things I could fix ๐Ÿ™‚ Sooo, I went to their website and chose the Panellifter drywall lifter […]

Tuesdays Treats :)

Wow, today was a busy day! But it was really fun too! I had an enjoyable visit with my sister in law and her two kids. My son and her son take off and play with the toys and her daughter and my daughter take off and play together, and that gives mama a NICE […]

Mondays Maddness!!

I cannot believe MY luck today, omgosh! I had a wonderful blog post ready to save and publish, only for the electricity to go OUT and I lose it ALL!! AGHHHHHHH!! I am soo pressed for time and I was excited that I had my blog done, and then that.. Gosh, I am angry right […]

Saucy Saturday Steals!

Haha! I don’t know why I titled todays blog that, I guess I just felt like it! I have such randomness sometimes, and I just go with it! Here is a freaky picture to start things off today. I found it while browsing, well, freaky things! And he jus’ wanted to say hi to all […]

"My Fake Baby" You Have Got To See This!

So, I was browsing the internet last night with my son on my lap. I came across the weirdest thing (what a shocker…) It is called “My Fake Baby” They are so life like, childless woman treat them like their own. You won’t BELIEVE how real these babies look, I was/am SHOCKED.. Some women put […]