STEMpowerkids: Empower Your Child In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (Giveaway)


*Product received. Opinions are ours. We all know as parents, during the summer months, kids don't really do as much other than play, play, play! But hey, they are kids and kids NEED to be.. KIDS! But, I also try to incorporate learning experiences for my children, when they are not in school. I know I should do more, but hey, I am trying. STEMpowerkids is a great way to get those creative brains flowing. They are monthly subscription boxes sent to you and they each contain fun ways for your child to learn! We were sent a box with several different fun activities for the kids to do. We had some friends over, and the kids each got to try out some fun experiments! I love this box, I really do. I like it because it literally comes with everything you will need, to do each fun activity/experiment. We received all the dry goods, measuring cups and spoons, bottles, booklets and more! It was just refreshing to see that I did not have to provide much extra, … [Read more...]

Ahnu’s Top Performing Sports Sandal For Men!


*Product received. Opinions are mine. Summer is here and the hot weather has been around for a bit now, yay! I have sandals and flip-flops and so do the kids, but someone I tend to overlook at times, is my hubby. Poor guy! He needed sandals too! What about him? So, when I was asked if I wanted to review a pair of sandals, I thought of hubby and selected a totally nice pair I knew he would adore! We received the wonderful Men's Ahnu Del Rey in Dark Shadow sandals. My hubby is VERY picky when it comes to shoes, so I was happy when he actually liked them. He has worn them MANY times since receiving them. They are very comfortable, fit well and support in all the right places. He is very happy with them. These are light weight and easy to wear. They are great for walking or in the river. My hubby fishes a lot and he wears these, on warmer days, when he fishes. They have great traction too. So these are perfect for him. They are true to size, too. Product Details The Ahnu® Del Rey … [Read more...]

Granite Gear’s Brand New Line of Backpacks for Back-to-School! (Giveaway!)

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*Products received. Opinions are mine! Ya, I know, who on earth wants to even start thinking of back-to-school? I certainly don't and I know my kids don't either. No no no!!! But, I secretly have been checking out back-to-school items for the kids on the sly.. I have to! It is bound to happen and of course I want to be prepared and score the best of the best for them. They really needed new backpacks, as the ones they had last year are ripped to shreds! Torn pockets and rips galore. So ya, they will be needing new ones this school year for sure. I am not sure if you have heard of Granite Gear (I have not until now..) but they have some really durable and nice looking backpacks for back-to-school. I received two to check out. They definitely are more well made and stronger than any 'school' backpack I have ever seen/felt before. I think these will last all school year long and then maybe a few more! Gotta love quality products! The back part of the backpack has … [Read more...]

The New Cabbage Patch Twinkle Toes Kids! (Giveaway)


*Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. I remember when I was  young, Cabbage Patch Kids JUST came out and my goodness, they were SO popular! I also remember going to Toys R Us before Christmas, and they happened to  have a new shipment of the Cabbage Patch Kids in. We were so excited! Me and my sisters ran and grabbed a doll and were so happy to be able to actually hold one! While my sister was holding hers, a rude woman came up to her and grabbed it from her and ran away! It was INSANE! Grabbing a doll from a child? Ya, I hope that woman was proud of that! Of all things! But, with this story, you can see just how popular these dolls were (and still are!). Anyways, so when I grew up, I held on to my Cabbage Patch doll (her name is Marion Leda, in case you all wanted to know!) and I gave her to MY daughter. So, my little girl has my doll :) She is a special doll to not only me, but my daughter too! So, when I was … [Read more...]

Mia Mariu’s Create Your Perfect Canvas (Makeup Review & Giveaway) #MiaMariu

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. I love makeup, that is no lie. I get makeup in the mail and I am like a kid on Christmas! It is so fun for me to open up those packages! Keeping myself nice looking, is very important to me. I don't want to look like a haggard housewife, by any means. Sure, some days I just don't feel it, but I always try to make sure I AT LEAST put on mascara and some lip gloss. But on days that I do feel like it, I go all out, even if I have nowhere to go! Love it ;) If you are a busy mama, like me, you don't have a ton of time to put on your makeup. So I was excited to see that Mia Mariu came out with a nice solution, in three EASY steps! It is the Mia Mariu's Create Your Perfect Canvas makeup and I am in love with it. Mia Mariu minerals offer you lightweight, long-lasting, non-pore blocking, breathable foundations that match your natural skin tone and create a healthy appearance.  All formulas provide superb buildable coverage and sun protection … [Read more...]

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table (Giveaway!)

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*Product was received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Goodness it has been warm here lately! I am NOT complaining either, we love it! Every chance I get, I am on my deck soaking up the rays with my kids playing nearby. Up until a week or so ago, my little toddler only had a small kiddy pool to play in. But now, he has a new fun toy to play with when he is outside with his mama!! He received the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table to check out and he loves this thing! When this came in the mail, it was my 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl who wanted to put it together! They actually did for the most part, but I did the screws. Soon, the water table was ready for baby (and bigger kids!) to play with. It comes with so many fun little add ons. Like a bucket (for pouring water on sissy's head!) or a squirter toy cannon or a floaty boat for the cute little people that it comes with. I was really impressed with all the … [Read more...]