Makeup by One Direction Tour Case #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

One Direction Tour Case

*This post is powered by Brandbacker. Opinions are my own. If you have a One Direction fan in your home, then they will really like the Makeup By One Direction Tour Case! It has all the makeup you need, to achieve a bold and beautiful face! The tour case is well made and carries all of this makeup. It opens up to some awesome eye shadows in vibrant shades! It also has the Electroglam Hair & Lash Mascara in Powerhouse Purple! Just put it on your eyelashes or run it through your locks (or both!) for a punk rock look! Also included in the tour case, is some Rock Star Jumbo Lip Crayons! They are boldly colored and leave your lips making a statement of their own! The UV-reactive glitter and lip gloss will sparkle by day and glows brighter under a UV light! Too dang cool for the girls in your life! Plus, you can customize your tour case with One Direction City Tour Stickers, which are also included! Talk about a fun fun fun makeup package! I like … [Read more...]

Scrubbing Bubbles® Helps Keep My Bathroom Spotless And Clean! #BehindClosedDoors


*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Scrubbing Bubbles®. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating   What goes on behind closed doors, does not necessarily mean I cannot share it with you all, too. Bathrooms are meant to be private and provide you with a sanitary place to dispose of your wastes, right? It is also a place to wash your hands and clean yourself. So why on earth would you want your bathroom to be anything but, spotless and clean? Nope, I am certainly not perfect and my bathrooms are at times, horrendous! But, I do try to keep it sanitary. Meaning the toilet, sinks and bathtub/shower. Of course I have stuff like dirty clothes and toys on the bathroom floors, but as long as the places we use to clean ourselves (and relieve ourselves) are clean, I am good. Right? Scrubbing Bubbles® has been a big part of our family, for some time now. I use it all over my bathrooms and … [Read more...]

The Best Quality Cultured Pearl Jewelry


*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. When I was younger I always thought pearl jewelry was for old women. So, I never looked twice at it, until a few years ago. I was going to my brother's wedding and I had the perfect dress but my jewelry did not look good with my dress. I ended up going out shopping with my mom and came across pearl jewelry. I never really looked or shopped for pearls so I did not know that they came in so many beautiful colors! And the jewelry was stunning. I bought a bracelet and necklace to go with my dress. I already had some little gold earrings, so I was all set! Now I wear my pearl jewelry whenever I go out to nice dinners or parties. Pearl jewelry is so versatile too! I can wear it with nice clothes and I can wear it with jeans and a cute top. Love the options! I was recently sent some GORGEOUS pearl earrings from the Pearl Source! I wanted to badly but when my little girl (who just got her ears pierced mind you..) saw … [Read more...]

Stay Fresh Faced With The DermaWand #MyDermaWand #MC


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for DermaWand. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation One thing I know all to well, is that you WILL age. No matter what you do to your skin, it will age. That is just a fact. Yes, you can SLOW the process down a bit, but you cannot stop it. One thing I have found to be very useful, to help slow down the signs of aging, is by using the DermaWand daily. It is a helpful tool to help maintain the youthful appearance of my skin. Let Me Explain! The DermaWand is a handheld device. You plug it in and it is totally easy to use. It uses the same technology as the big radio frequency machines that Doctors and Medical Specialists use for treatments to help manage the signs of premature aging. BUT, there is a difference in the two.  The DermaWand uses lower amplitude that's perfect for everyday in-home use. What Does The DermaWand … [Read more...]

How To Wear Bootchkas and Boot Cuffs! (Giveaway)

boot cuffs

Congrats to Heather Cowley *Products were received. Opinions about these products are my very own. Have you heard? The trend, that is, have you heard? Boot Cuffs and Bootchkas are all the rave. Seriously, they are and they are CUTE!   Let me tell you a bit about them... First about the Boot Cuffs! They are pieces of material, in this case they are made from vegan acrylic yarn, and you simply pull them up over your calves and have them 'peek' out of your knee-high or ankle high, boots! They are sooo dang cute and they come in MANY colors to choose from. They are very stylish, keep your calves warm and are totally the in thing to wear right now! Everyone I see wearing boots has some boot cuffs poking out at the top of them! Love 'em. The Bootchkas are something I actually JUST learned about the other day! They are super cool too. But I must explain them to you because I was a bit confused at first ;) They are made in five sizes to fit your calves better than … [Read more...]

Fairy Tales ~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Books In The Apple App Store!

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Oh my goodness, my kids love playing fun, interactive games on their tablets. Heavens, I love playing games on my iPhone! That is how I unwind at night. There are so many great games and apps out there, there really is. There is too many to count! But one I wanted to  introduce you all to, if you have not heard of it before, is the Fairy Tales 3D Interactive Pop-up Books! Now this was just released to the Apple App store a few days ago, so now you can get it on your Apple devices! Yay! And of course I downloaded it right away! Too cute not to! I found it right away in the Apple App store and it was Free to download (woot!!) and in not time I had it downloaded and ready to play! I had to try it out first. Once downloaded, it then has to load some other stuff, so it takes a few minutes. You can also download this in Google Play and in the Amazon App Store! This game is made for kids ages 5 and under, so me and my littlest one played this together. "Fairy Tales" is a … [Read more...]