Lundby Doll House Review #miniatures

*Products received. Opinions are my own. When I was little, I absolutely adored miniatures. Every time we would go to a store, I would seek out the tiniest of things and then run to my mom to see if she would buy it for me. I HAD to have little things! I spent hours in […]

Sibu Daily Glow Kit

*Products received. Opinions are my own. I love beauty products and I enjoy keeping my skin young looking. I am not getting any younger, but I can certainly prolong the aging effects if I can help it! I came across some great skincare products called Sibu and I have been using the Daily Glow Kit […]

Race And Win Amazon Gift Cards!

*This post is brought to you by FleetWit. Opinions are my own. Race And Win Amazon Gift Cards! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE receiving Amazon gift cards! Amazon has EVERYTHING I need and pretty reasonable prices too. If you like Amazon gift cards as much as I do, you will LOVE this […]

Finside and Finkid Kids Clothing Collection!

*Products were received. Opinions are my own.   Finding kids clothes is easy now-adays! There are so many great companies that I come into contact with daily! I love being able to get to know these companies and work with them!   One company I was introduced to recently was Finside and Finkid. They have some […]

A Non-Toxic Approach To Eliminating Mosquitoes In The Backyard

*This post is brought to you by Terminix AllClear Mosquito Bait & Kill. Opinions are my own.   Warmer weather brings those pesky, annoying mosquitoes! I hate them and they always seem to find my skin to grab a quick snack! Ugh. It is no wonder nearly 38% of parents said they would eat a […]

Cantu Care for Kids

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Cantu Care For Kids just launched and is the perfect blend of 100% pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey that is formulated without any harsh  ingredients. My kids have super sensitive skin and scalps, so this was great to find out! We […]

Cariloha Bamboo Clothing, Apparel and Accessories

*Products received. Opinions are my own.   Cariloha Bamboo Clothing, Apparel and Accessories I am addicted to the softness of bamboo clothing, apparel and accessories! I have many bamboo products and adore them. One of my most favorite blankets is bamboo and I sleep with it every night on my bed, even in the summer! […]

Spa Heroes is celebrating the Cabinet Detox campaign

 *This post is brought to you by Spa Heroes  Did you know the U.S. has banned only 11 ingredients from use in the cosmetic industry while the EU, Canada and Japan have outlawed nearly 1,300? We need to be our own health advocates, especially when everyday we hear stories about more and more women being […] Shoes, Bags, Clothing and Accessories

*Products received. Opinions are my own.   I am so excited the warmer weather is here! Today it is around 80 degrees (so comfortable!) and this weekend is supposed to be much warmer. Love this weather so much! A few weeks ago, I lost my sunglasses in my truck and I thought they would be […]

Minions Have Arrived At Build-A-Bear Workshop! #BuildAMinion

*This giveaway is sponsored by Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear Workshop is so much fun to visit! Now, that the Minions have arrived at Build-A-Bear Workshop, it might just be that much more fun! Can’t wait to check them out! The Minions at Build-A-Bear Workshop are an exclusive, customizable collection of the adorable Minions characters featuring Kevin, […]