Children’s Organic Hair And Body Care Line, Dubble Trubble

Congrats to Kelly O’Malley *Products received. Opinions are my own. Me and my kids love yummy smelling things, especially my little girl and I We especially love yummy smelling things that we can use on our bodies, in the bath or shower!   We really like the Children’s Organic Hair and Body Care Line from Dubble […]

Netflix: Watch T.V. Shows and Movies Online! (Giveaway) #giftguide

Congrats to Harolde D. *This post is brought to you by Netflix.  Are you still looking for something to give a loved one for the holidays? I have a suggestion for you that maybe you have not really thought about just yet… Give the gift of Netflix gift card! You can get access to unlimited movies and […]

Wonderful Halos Mandarins

Congrats to Charlene S. *Product received. Opinions are my own. My kids love Mandarins and eat them all the time! I always have to make sure they are available to them, when they get home from school. I love that they enjoy eating them! The Wonderful Halos Mandarins are such a sweet, seedless and easy to […]

Relax This Holiday With HoMedics! (Giveaway) #PledgeToRelax

Congrats to Heather B. *Product will be received. Opinions are my own. You probably are reading this going ‘relax during the holidays??? Ya right!!’ but, you CAN relax during the holidays and you SHOULD! I will tell you how! HoMedics wants you to relax this holiday season so on December 3rd, HoMedics launched a new campaign […]

#Cube Easy-to-use Wireless Living Photo Canvas #giftguide

Congrats to Tina R *This is a holiday feature. Product was received and opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Have you heard of #Cube? If not, read on and if so, read on anyways, because I am also giving one away The #Cube is a new product from Konnect Labs. It is VERY […]

Flameless LED Tea Lights

Congrats to JLin Mei *Product received. Opinions are my own. I absolutely love candles, yes I do and I have plenty in my home to show for it! It seems I am always lighting a candle in some room in my home. But, with kids, you can NEVER be too careful and I always have to […]

Treasure Cove Seahorse Home Decor #giftguide

Congrats to Jennifer H. *This is a product feature only. Opinions are my own. I love decorating my home. I enjoy shopping online and in stores and finding great deals and adorable, fun, one-of-a-kind things to add to my home. It is just so much fun! MIXT Studio contacted me a while back to review a […]

Kidde Fire Safety (Giveaway) #RecipeforSafety

Congrats to Madonna Fridley D. *This post is brought to you by Kidde. Opinions are my own. Cooking, baking and hanging out in the kitchen is something we all do during the holiday season. Lots and lots of baking goes on in our kitchen. We do all sorts of treats like cookies, brownies, fudge and candies […]

Slim Down This Holiday with Daring Beaute Luxury Slim Pack!

Congrats to Ellen B. *Products were received. Opinions are my own. We would all like to look our best and slim down, right? How would it be to slim down this holiday using a simple method? Is it possible? Well, with any product on the market they all have their ‘promises’. But I found a product […]

Bring the Outdoors In – Ideas for Indoor Fun in the Winter!

Congrats to Dawn Schmidt *This is a holiday features. Opinions are my own. Products were received. Baby it is COLD outside! Even though it is cold outside, my kids will still venture outdoors, but not too soon after, they are back inside wanting to grab a warm blanket to cuddle up in. So, I have to […]