Livin’ Up The Holidays with SOL REPUBLIC RELAYS in-ear headphones (Giveaway)

Congrats to Michelle Chappell *Product received. This is just a holiday feature.  What would be Christmas without listening to those holiday tunes anywhere you want? SOL REPUBLIC has some seriously cool RELAYS in-ear headphones that are not only comfy but give you a clear, crisp listening experience like none other! Now you can listen to holiday tunes, […]

An Evergreen Christmas (Giveaway)

Congrats to Kimberly Beauchamp and JLin Mei *Product received. This is only a holiday feature. This post includes my affiliate link. Came across another great Christmas movie for the whole family! It is called An Evergreen Christmas and it is perfect for the holidays! This fun movie was available on November 4th, on DVD. It is sure […]

Garfield’s Holiday Collection

Congrats to Bernie Wallace *Product received. Opinions are my own   Oh how I adore Garfield and his gang. I used to watch Garfield ALL the time and still do, on BOOM Network. But, Garfield cartoons are so different now. If you watch the Garfield shows now, you know what I mean. I like the old […]

FROZEN IN TIME on DVD November 11, 2014

Congrats to Kristie Newton and Amanda Alvarado *Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate link. Nothing says the holidays like a good old holiday movie, right? And Frozen In Time is just that! A great holiday movie the whole family can enjoy together. Frozen in Time arrives on DVD, Tuesday November 11th! Yay! […]

Family Collage Wall Decor Giveaway #giftguide

Congrats to Jill Myrick *Product will be received.  One way you can spruce up your home and add great, personal touches, is with picture frames. I like picture frames that say something on them, like the Family Collage Wall Decor, from Family Comforts. It says “The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Gift” in the […]

Less Stress For The Holidays With The Downy Survival Kit #WonderBottle

Congrats to Natalie Shmigelsky *Product received. Opinions are my own! The holidays can truly be stressful, chaotic and at times, CRAZY. Let’s face it, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season IS approaching whether you want to admit it or not and making LESS work for you as a parent, is something we all could […]

Acorn MOC Slippers for Women (Giveaway) #giftguide

Congrats to Karen *Product was received. Opinions are my own. I have to admit, I am a slipper wearer, when in my home. I love comfy soft socks and slippers on my feet. I am always chilly, so got to keep those feet WARM! One way to keep your feet warm are with the super soft, […]

DIY Lava Lamp Lip Gloss Kit #giftguide

Congrats to Janet Fri *Product was received. Opinions are my own. My little girl loves DIY kits. Lately, she has been obsessed with them and everything in the toy catalog is circled, that has to do with anything she can make! So funny. Don’t know if it is her age or she is just super crafty, […]

Stay Warm This Winter With Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing (Giveaway) #giftguide

Congrats to Camille Estes *This is a featured post. Opinions are my own. Nothing keeps you warmer than good, wool clothing! With the colder weather quickly approaching, it is time to get those warm clothes together and hung up in that closet! You never know when you will need them! Now you can stay warm this […]

Bamboo Throw Blanket #giftguide

Congrats to Melina Ramirez *Product was received. Opinions are my own. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING says comfort like a warm, cozy and SOFT blanket! One of my favorite seasons is Fall, because you can use those warm blankets! If you ever come to my home, you will always see warm blankets EVERYWHERE! Ha. I received […]