Doggie Doo Review & Giveaway!

doggie doo

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO shirley pebbles #557!!   LOL. When I first saw the commercial on t.v. for Doggie Doo my kids literally went NUTS! I had to do a double take of the t.v. as I was sure I was not seeing or hearing this commercial correctly, was I?! Yep, I was! And my kids WANTED this doggie very badly after seeing that it goes poop! What is that obsession coming from? Certainly not from this mama! Non the less I was certainly a bit intrigued myself, with a bit of disgust mixed in ;) I was sent the Doggie Doo and of course had to rip right into this baby! It was ME who could not open the box fast enough. After all, a dog was in that box that will poop on command! Woot! Once the box was opened, out appeared Doggie Doo! He is a cute little canine and he is made of plastic. He is a bit flat, but hey, every dog is different, right? He is cute enough! And, his "poop" comes in a little plastic container. It makes tooting sounds when you push down on it, kind of … [Read more...]

Playing Bingo Brings Me Back To The Good Old Days!


Growing up, my whole family, around the holidays, would play board games galore! It was so much fun and something I do now with my children. We sit around that card table and play games. I make finger foods and we have spiced apple cider and we just go for it. One of the games that I LOVED growing up was the Bingo game. I was always in charge of rolling that ball and taking out the bingo game piece and saying out loud to everyone, what it was! Too much fun. It is funny though, now that everything is being played on the computer, I was excited to learn that you can play online Bingo!!!! Woot! No more having to cart around that big old bingo ball (though it is FUN!!!), you can just go online and play until your heart is content. And, if no one else in your home wants to play bingo with you, well then find others online who do! It is a win/win situation if you ask me ;) So, playing bingo has always been something I would play with my family while growing up, as well as … [Read more...]

Happy Feet Two: The Videogame (Giveaway!)

happy feet two the videogame for wii

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Pauline M #1044!! Woohoo! On Tuesday, November 8th Happy Feet Two, the videogame, will be available in stores everywhere! This will be available on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Now, if you don't know much about this game, let me explain it to you.. This is a musical adventure game great for the whole family! Even grandma can do it!! Woot! This is inspired by the whimsical Antarctic world of the upcoming animated film Happy Feet Two.  In the game, new dangers are threatening the penguin nation, and it’s going to take everyone working – and dancing – together to save them all from extinction.  Players use dance moves to recruit penguins with unique abilities that help advance the adventure, stun opponents and enemies, as well as manipulate the environment around them to solve co-operative puzzles. Sounds like a blast to me!! Buy You can pre-order this online at Win! One lucky person … [Read more...]

Ben 10 Galactic Racing Video Game Review

ben 10

My son already loves video games, sigh, and so he is always asking about games. My hubby loves taking my son to go and look at the newest games available and rent games too. We recently received a copy of D3Publisher’s family-friendly action racer videogame Ben 10 Galactic Racing  for the XBox 360. My boy already is a huge fan of Ben 10, so he was pretty excited about this game coming! In this game, you can help Ben 10 save the universe by completing top-secret plumber missions on a very special Ben 10 micro site. Complete these ten missions to receive a free limited edition plumbers badge in the mail! Super cool! You can also race in 30 different karts in 25 challenging grand prix tracks. This is spread across 5 planets from the Ben 10 universe. So much fun and so much to see and do! There is also 15 characters that includes heroes just like Ben 10, Kevin and 10 of Ben's alien forms. So, lots of different characters. This game is power charged and always keeps you … [Read more...]

Win A Pillow Pet and A Copy of The Pillow Pets Nintendo DS Game!

pillow pets logo

CONTEST OVER CONGRATS TO Desiree Glaze #895!!     One very lucky individual is going to win a plush, lovable Pillow Pets character and a copy of the Pillow Pets Nintendo DS game! Save it for Christmas! Woot! Alright, here is the lowdown... America's Favorite plush characters are coming to Nintendo DS with the fun and adorable Pillow Pets game from GameMill Entertainment which is coming to you, during the holidays!!! Now you or your kids can explore the world of Dreamland, collect and accessorize your favorite Pillow Pets characters, win tokens and unlock rewards, in this fun adventure game great for kids of all ages! My son really loves this game. He can play if for a long time if I let him! Hard to pull him away from it! He loves the loveable pillow pet characters and that you can name them! He loves unlocking the fun rewards and winning tokens too! The graphics are cute and cartoonish and cheerful for little ones. My son is 5 and he can … [Read more...]

Wii Adventure Game: Go Vacation (Review)

Go Vacation Wii Game

  My son is just getting started playing video games. Though his time is limited on playing games, he just loves to be able to play them from time to time! We recently received a new game called Go Vacation from NAMCO BANDAI Games America It is a Wii Adventure game and my 5-year-old just loves it. Now,  he can't really play this alone, as I have to read what it says to him, but everything else on the game, he knows how to do! From skateboarding and rollerblading to surfing and boating! It is so adventure filled and lots of fun. I enjoy watching him play it! My son also wanted me to tell you all that you can make friends too! And once you are friends with them, they will follow you everywhere  and copy what you do! In real life, that would be annoying, but playing the game it is fun! My sons favorite parts of this game are finding new friends and skating, those are his exact words :) He is always asking me if he can play it, and when he gets to, it is … [Read more...]