Almost Naked Animals: It’s My Party!

almost naked animals season one

Almost Naked Animals is a funny, silly animated comedy series that features a lovable assortment of free-spirited animals. These animals happen to be in their underwear, which makes it all the more hilarious to watch! This comedy series happens to be run by Howie. The animals run a beach-front hotel, the Banana Cabana! And, they do their very best to make each day more fun than the last. I think they certainly do that well! So, on September 25th volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals, Cartoon Network's top rated animated series for kids ages 6-11, will be available on DVD!!! Woot! But that is not all. In addition to this release, The Almost Naked Animals "Online Super Game" will also launch on!!! Sounds like it will be a lot of fun to check out and play! Also, Cafe Press has partnered with 9 Story Entertainment, to launch a new online store, featuring Almost Naked Animals t-shirts, notebooks and lots more! Too much fun this Fall, huh?! My kids received some … [Read more...]

On-The-Go With VTech MobiGo 2!


  I don't know about your children, but my children need something to do in the car, when I am driving. It drives me NUTS when I forget their VTech MobiGo 2 at home and they are left with nothing to play with, because then they will bicker and that is no good for me!! I recently visited my parents who live about an hour away and we brought MobiGo 2 with us. It was so nice to have the kids playing with something educational and fun. They did bicker a bit about who was going to play with the new MobiGo 2 first, but thank God we also have the regular MobiGo, so each child had a device to play with. Phew! My son loves the stylus that comes with the MobiGo 2. He likes to be able to feel like he is in control when pressing on the screen and the stylus allows him to be in control. No fumbling fingers to ruin a good game! He also loves the games that I can download for him. Right now, his favorite game that I downloaded for him is that grocery game where your child has to … [Read more...]

Monsuno Party Time!!!!


Nothing like a good party, right? My kids love going to parties and hosting them! We received a fun, big box filled to the brim with party items for a great Monsuno party!! Oh my goodness, this was pretty cool to my son! I have to say I have never understood what the heck Monsuno was, and I am still a bit confused. My son thinks he has it figured out, but I don't think he really grasps it at age 6. My daughter just loves throwing the Monsuno toys together to make noises, LOL.. Anyways, we were pretty much sent everything we would need to host a fun party! We even got fun party recipes to try out! Now, when my kids started playing this, I had to step in and help out. I guess the object of this game is that each player is trying to defeat the opposing player's Monsuno by reducing its Hit Points to zero. Each player starts with a Core, Monsuno Figure, matching Monsuno Card, and a shuffled deck of Strike cards. The Strike Card Deck consists of 5 or more Strike Cards. The space … [Read more...]

The Sims 3 Pets Game Prize Pack Giveaway!

sims 3 pets

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Angela H #765!!       The Sims 3 Pets is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and PC/Mac! Now, the animal lover in the family can play with life like never before!   They can choose to take full control of their pets to see life through their eyes, or have a household of pets to train, care for and love. Too much fun! The Sims 3 Pets lets you determine your pets’ personality traits and to create the perfect pet for your Sims.  You can even use Kinect for Xbox 360 to direct your Sims and their pets using voice commands! So cool!   Sims 3 Pets definitely adds a whole new level of excitement for you and your sims!! You can take complete control over your pets as you help your sims uncover and solve mysteries of the town. You can begin by choosing a sims pet breed and then customize their looks and personality traits to make them unique. Players can have up to three controllable sims which can be all pets if … [Read more...]

Zumba Fitness 2 For The Wii (Review!)

zumba fitness 2

The original Zumba Fitness game is the number one fitness title of 2011 with more than 4 million copies sold worldwide!! Zumba Fitness 2 amps up the experience with all-new routines, hit music, customization features and 24 dance styles, more than any other game! This is one fun game to workout to! This features hot new music tracks,awesome choreography and double the number of dance styles from the original video game. This game invites players to party their way into shape with a very fun program, proven to work! I was movin' and a groovin' with my two kids! This game really gives you a sweat. It is really fun though and mixes up the routines and me and my kids have a blast doing it. You can customize your own class with your favorite routines and you can track your calories that your burned!! Love it. You will love this unique dance-fitness experience. It will shape, tone and transform your body and make you forget that you are even exercising, it is that fun! Game … [Read more...]

The New Hess Toy Truck Has All The Bells and Whistles!

Hess Toy Truck

The new Hess Toy Truck made its debut on November 11th and it was a big hit!! And, on December 2nd, the free 2011 Hess Racer Game App will be available for  iPhone/iPad and Facebook! Too much fun! This is one cool truck, with all the bells and whistles! It has great craftsmanship and help encourage imaginative play. This truck has 4 wheel spring suspension (yes it does!) and a pull out ramp that has a fun, hydraulic sound!! The truck cab has more sound effects and of course, flashing lights! If that were not enough, the trucks flatbed trailer has a racecar that is modeled after an American stock car that has a pull back racing motor and Hess express logo! With just a push of the racer cars gas cap, it will activate fun flashing lights and the roaring sound of the car's engine!! See below for the full list of the Hess Trucks features: Truck: Pull-out ramp with automatic hydraulic sound 3 additional sound effects activated by cab buttons (ignition, horn and back-up … [Read more...]