Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chair Set Review and Svan Totseat Giveaway!

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CONGRATS TO Natalie Shmigelsky #913! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Since my kids really enjoy having their own things and their very own space, I like to have a play room for them that has furniture that is their size too. That way they feel like it is REALLY their space. I was able to review the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chair Set. This comes in one box and needs to be fully assembled. My brother happened to be over the day that it arrived, so he got the chore of putting it together ;) Now, if you know my brother, he is not too handy with the tools. BUT, he had this table put together in under 30 minutes. I was VERY impressed! The Play with Me Toddler Table And Chair Set came right before Thanksgiving, which was what I had wanted! I needed a table and chair set for the kids to eat Thanksgiving dinner on. This worked out perfectly for my two kids! Fits them great! I opted for the darker colored wood table and chairs (espresso), but this table … [Read more...]

Sleep With Me Cradle: Have Sweet Dreams With Your Baby By Your Side!

sleep with me cradle

I am a co-sleeper, always have been. Sure, many people, for some reason (rolling eyes here...) don't approve of it, but it is how we do it. No need to get yourself all up in arms! I JUST got up to take this pic, baby is FINE.. All my babies have slept in my bed with me from newborn to, well, NOW. Yep! They still do. Hey, they are only little once and I will take it! Let them sleep in the middle!!!! ;) Anyways, so when I saw a cute doll that had a co-sleeper, I really wanted my daughter to have her! How adorable is a doll that has a little co-sleeping bed? VERY cute! And, just as I imagined, my daughter fell in love with her! She loves her new Sleep with Me Cradle from Nenuco and baby doll! The doll is not only really cute, but she smells like a baby too! LOVE that. She also has everything you need, with her, to take care of her like her blanket, bottle and pacifier! It Comes With the Following: Have sweet dreams with your baby sleeping by your side Comes with a … [Read more...]

Pampers’ Celebrating Firsts (Giveaway!) #SwaddlersFirsts #DDDivas

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CONGRATS TO Marci Carson #2309! I am totally sure by now, that everyone who reads my blog, knows how much I love Pampers. I have used Pampers with all of my kids and have never had any issues with them. They are, by far, the best diapers I have used. I choose the Pampers Swaddlers for my little one/s because they are the softest diapers ever. So when I found out that Pampers Swaddlers now go up to size 5, I was THRILLED! Now, my littlest one can stay in these nice, soft diapers for longer! So now, through your baby's first smile, laugh or step, Swaddlers can now be there for many more firsts to come! Check out this sweet video! To celebrate this, Pampers has 30 days of incredible giveaways and a grand prize of FREE Swaddlers diapers & wipes for a year! Think of how useful that would be to win! Diapers are expensive, we all know that, so winning a prize package like that would help soooo much! You can join this great celebration and enter the 30 days of sweeps on the … [Read more...]

Check Out This Hot New Baby Registry!


*This post is brought to you by Pish Posh Baby. All opinions are mine.   Now, starting your baby registry is simple!! The new Pish Posh Baby Registry allows you to find the products your baby will need (and you!) and add them to  your registry with ease. You simply go online to Pish Posh Baby and create a Pish Posh Baby registry. Once you have done that you 'create your event' for which you want the registry for (new baby or birthday). Since I already had my baby, I chose birthday, because he will be one next month - GASP! Then you fill in all the needed info and you click 'Preview' to make sure all your info is right. If everything is right, click 'continue' or if you need to change something you can do that too. Now, your registry is complete! You will get a registry number, so be sure to keep that on hand. Now comes the FUN part! You get to add things to your registry!! You can start off by checking out the recommended registry gifts or you can get started … [Read more...]

Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper (Review) #DivasJump


This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine My little baby is not so dang little anymore! He loves crawling everywhere, standing up to look at things and I am eagerly (or not?) waiting for him to take those first precious steps!! Why do they have to grow so fast? Can't they stay little, for a bit longer? Ugh. In the meantime, I must keep my little active boy busy! For times that I do not want him crawling around, I like to put him in his Baby Einstein Musical Motions Activity Jumper! When he goes into his activity jumper, he has lots to look at and listen too! This activity jumper is interactive fun for my little one! It did require a bit of assembly, which my hubby took the job of doing. The hard part was pulling and hooking on the jumper parts of this activity jumper. And it does require 3 AA batteries (not included). Other than that, my hubby … [Read more...]

Kolcraft Step Starter 2-in-1 Walker (Review)


*I am a Kolcraft Mom and receive products from time to time to review. All opinions are mine.  I can't believe my littlest one is growing up so dang quickly! He is now ten months old and has been mobile since about 6 months. He loves being able to get around and go where brother and sister go! He feels like such a big boy when he is with them, it is so cute!! Since crawling, he has been standing and I am just waiting for the day his first steps will be taken!! But, in the meantime, it is great to let him roam the home in his new Kolcraft Step Starter 2-in-1 Walker! This walker is unique from other walkers as it grows with your baby. It can be a walker or it can be a walk-behind walker! This is great for teaching baby how to take those steps easily, with something to  hold on to! It also has six interactive learning toys (includes lights, music and whimsical sounds) on the walker to not only keep baby interested in it, but to help teach too! To make this a stand … [Read more...]