The Best Travel Apps To Improve Your Time On The Road

This summer is going to be all about traveling! I cannot wait to hit the road with my family! I know we will have so much fun. I just want to be prepared and being prepared does not just mean having your suitcases packed with the right things. Being prepared also means having the best […]

What Should A Blog Offer Its Readers?

There are so many blogs out there, my goodness. I started blogging in May of 2008. It all started because I was a stay-at-home-mom and just had my second child. I was wanting to reach out to others and share stories. Since then, my blog has become more than I ever thought it could be, […]

Save Money by Getting Regular Tune Ups For Your Vehicle

Nothing like a broken down vehicle on the side of the road. Been there, done that! I am sure everyone can relate, right? It can be so expensive to get your vehicle towed and then fixed. Why wait until  your vehicle breaks down or something goes wrong with it? I don’t care if you are […]

Do You Have A Vehicle Survival Kit?

*Partnered post. Opinions are my own! Many people never think about a Vehicle Survival Kit and I can see why.. You never think you will need one, right? Well, think again, because you NEVER know WHEN you will need something! It is better to be prepared then not, that is what I always say to […]

Lots Of Vehicles In My Yard

My hubby has some old vehicles in our yard. If you came to our home, you would probably think you pulled into a wrecking yard, sigh. You see, my husband LOVES his vehicles. He loves rebuilding them, tearing them apart and making them run (not in that order). It is not a business, it is […]

Long Distance Traveling Survival Kit

*This is a partnered post, opinions are my own. Have you ever had to travel a long distance? I have! When me and my family traveled to Disneyland in 2010. It was a road trip I will never forget! It was certainly a fun and enchanting time, hey who isn’t excited to go to Disneyland?!? […]

Do You Know How To Change A Tire?

*This is a partnered post. The words are my own. Do You Know How To Change A Tire? Do you know how to change a tire? I had to ask this question, because once upon a time, I did not know how to. I think, once you start driving, there are things you should just […]

Shopping For A New Or Used Car Does Not Have To Be So Difficult!

It really doesn’t! I remember growing up, looking for my very first car with my dad at the local dealership. The salesmen would SWARM to us and ask us all sorts of questions, barely giving us room to breath. It was NOT a good experience and I did not end up getting what I REALLY […]

We Are A One Vehicle Family…

And boy does it suck! When my hubby goes to work, I have no car. Gone are the days where my own car existed, sigh.. If only we had a ton of money to fix the vehicles we have now, that are not running, we would be just fine. But money is tight. My hubby […]