The New Year, New You Beauty Kit At ShopHQ #JuiceBeauty


CONGRATS TO Renee Grandinetti #1957! *Products were received, opinions are mine. Whenever a new year comes a long, I like to renew not only myself but products I use. I love trying new things anyways, so this is always so much fun for me to do! I am always discovering great new products and some products I am not so fond of.. I have tried out Juice Beauty organic beauty products before and have enjoyed them and what they do for my skin. I was recently sent a nice little sample package of Juice Beauty products to try out and so far, so good! My most favorite out of the bunch is the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer. It not only gives my face an awesome softness like no other, but it smells JUST like a lemon. OMG, I wanted to eat it to see if it really did taste like a lemon, but I stopped myself... I love the serums too. They are not as sticky as some serums I have used and they absorb so nicely into my skin. Another product I love and use in the shower, is … [Read more...]

Graco Glider LX™ Gliding Swing (Review and Giveaway)

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CONGRATS TO Carla Gee-Gee #2959! *Product was received. Opinions are mine! Since having a baby, I have lots of baby gear around the home! I have given a lot of it away though too, as my baby is growing SO fast! Make him STOP! Graco recently came out with a new glider swing and they sent one my way to review! My baby boy just turned one, so I was not sure whether or not he would fit in this swing. He does fit, but goodness, it won't be much longer till he won't! I think he is a bit heavy for the swing too as it does not go as fast when he is in it. It says it goes up to 30 lbs, but my baby is about 20 lbs (he is tiny I know!) and the glider goes a lot slower than if he were newborn. Of course this does require assembly and I had my hubby put it together. It also requires batteries if you are to use it without the cord that it comes with. Graco's Glider LX Gliding Swing is a unique gliding swing that soothes with the same gentle motion you use when cuddling and … [Read more...]

Ooh la la Boutiques New York

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*Product was received. Opinions are mine. I love style and I love my beauty products! Both go hand in hand. When I am home, I wear makeup. I put it on every morning when I get up, I feel naked without it. Same goes for a good pair of comfy jeans and sweatshirt! Of course I would be 'naked' if I did not wear clothes, but certainly no pun intended... I found a really cute boutique called Ooh la la Boutiques New York, and loved their products/styles. I was able to choose a comfy NY Giants Sweatshirt to review! Yay me! Now, first I have to say, that if you know me, you know I could absolutely careless about sports or teams. No interest what-so-ever. So me picking the sweatshirt I did, I only did so because it was cute! Not for the team. With that said, the sweatshirt arrived and is so comfortable and cute!! I love wearing it around my home and out to run quick errands! The neck of this sweatshirt is kind of big, so when I wear it, it kind of goes off  one shoulder, which I … [Read more...]

EverDeep Anti-Aging Skincare System (Review And Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Ronalee Duncan #942! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. It is hard for me to find a really really really good skincare line that I love. I am very picky and if the products don't feel right on my skin, I don't use them anymore. It could be as simple as a grainy feel or too moist. I was sent some skincare called EverDeep recently and was excited to give it a try, like I am about every beauty/skincare product I receive!! I want to say that, EVERY product in this skincare system is wowing me. First I will talk about the cleanser. I use this every night in the shower, to take off that days makeup. It is creamy, but it foams up a bit and feels like it really cleans my face, plus moisturizes it. It is gentle on my skin and does not irritate at all. It is also fragrance free. The Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Serum is a big fav of mine! It is hard to explain, but I will try! It almost feels like a powdery serum, meaning when I put it on my face, it is like … [Read more...]

The Newest Trend for Kid’s Coats This Winter: MagnaMini


My daughter is super picky about her clothes. Oh my gosh, do we ever get into it each and every time she gets dressed! One time we were going out and she had a total melt down because the sleeves on her shirt were not staying down! It ruined everything and we ended up staying home. I cannot wait until she is past this stage! UGH.   When it comes to coats, she is the same way. It is really never-ending.. So, when I came across a really cool concept for kids coats, called the MagnaMini, I was a bit intrigued to say the least.. The MagnaMini was designed by a mom of two young girls. It is a line of jackets and puffy vests for children, that have no zippers, buttons or snaps! Brilliant I say! The coats and vests have hidden magnets inside them and they close and open with ease. Little fingers and hands have no problems with these coats/vests! My daughter loves hers, though it is a bit big on her now, she will enjoy it when she grows … [Read more...]

Eli’s Cheesecake For The Holidays! (Giveaway Time!)


CONGRATS TO Kim Reese Keithline #2062 *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Oh sweet treats, how my family loves you! Me, not so much, but I have always been like that. My family on the other hand? Ya, they can't get enough of the sweets. I was recently sent a delicious Eli's Cheesecake to nibble up and share with you all. Of course it was super delicious, all the cheesecakes I have reviewed from Eli's Cheesecake have been splendidly yummy! The one I received this time was the Red Velvet Cheesecake. This was very good, but rich! I did not like this one as much as the other ones I have received in the past, but it was good and my family enjoyed it. The Cheesecake arrived frozen, on dry ice. We let it thaw and then ate it! About Eli's Cheesecake: Eli’s uses the finest ingredients like pure Madagascar vanilla, cultured cream cheese and sour cream, fresh Michigan apples (never frozen or processed), fine chocolates, real key lime juice and more.  Eli’s desserts are … [Read more...]