Dyson DC44 Animal Review


*Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate link. Honestly, I find myself vacuuming more than I would like to. I seriously vacuum my kitchen floors AT LEAST 2 times a day. I absolutely cannot handle crumbs or things on my floor! Eww!!!   I usually will use my regular vacuum for my kitchen floor, but having a long cord to continuously watch out for, can get annoying, especially when I have a baby right behind me, in a walker, making it even harder to do! LOL. So cordless options are best for me. I received the Dyson DC44 Animal to review and check out. This is a cordless vacuum! That really excited me :) I could not wait to give it a try on my floors! The DC44 Animal is pretty light weight and it comes with hardware to attach it to your wall, so when not in use, you can hang it up and charge it. My utility room is VERY small, so this is a MUST for me. You just attach the canister to the wand and press the red button on the handle and that is it. … [Read more...]

Ageless Derma Glycolic and CoEnzyme Q10 Cleanser


Getting older sucks! I won't lie! I don't like my skin starting to show those signs of aging, it is not fair! Am I a bit vain? I don't know, call it what you will I guess. All I know is that I like to look good, all the time and age is getting in the way!!! I received the Ageless Derma Anti Aging Glycolic Facial  Cleanser to try out. It is a different cleaner. It does not really suds up at all. It does get a little foamy, but not a whole lot. It is a clear like serumy type of cleanser. When I do use it (usually at night) I notice that it does kind of have a stingy feeling. Not bad, but I can feel it a bit. After I use this cleanser, I like to use my regular cleanser too, because since this cleanser does not foam up too much, I don't feel like my skin is getting clean! I am a visual person, LOL. I do have to say though, that after I use this, the skin on my face and neck appear renewed looking. So that is really nice to see! Ageless Derma facial Cleanser contains … [Read more...]

Dohmie by Marpac #serioussleep


* I am a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. I was compensated with product and payment from Marpac for this post but the opinions are 100% honest and all my own. You know what is absolutely hilarious? Being pitched and being accepted to review and item named 'Dohmie'. WHY is that sooo dang hilarious? Because that is my baby boys nickname!!!!!! I HAD to review this item as it has the same name my baby does, LOL. Okay, so his other nickname is 'Domma' but I am using Dohmie or should I say 'Dommie' more and more. So, this review was just so fitting for us ;) Okay, on to the product I am reviewing! I received the Dohmie by Marpac. It is a natural, white noise machine to help your baby (and YOU!) fall asleep and stay asleep, longer. As parents, we can all use a good nights sleep I know I could! I have been using the Dohmie for about 3 weeks now. Every night before we crawl into bed, I turn it on. I adjust it to how loud I want it and then go to bed. This is a very … [Read more...]

Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600


My hubby is kind of a 'techy' guy. He loves tinkering with things and he loves figuring things out. He has many techy things and certainly does not need any more of them, sigh. He also loves to listen to music off of the computer. Who doesn't? That is our source of hearing any kind of music, anymore. The louder the better, right? ;) I was able to review the Logitech Bluetooth Speakers (Z600). These are some sleek speakers. They look great on hubby's desktop and the sound is really great too. He can use his computer, tablet or smartphone to control his music and stream audio wirelessly, which he loves. He can also connect up to three devices at the same time so wherever your audio is stored, switching is super easy by pressing pause on one device and play on the other one!! Too easy! Even though these speakers are small, they really do deliver a nice, quality, clear sound throughout the room. Is it too loud or too low? Just adjust the volume by touching the top of the … [Read more...]

Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chair Set Review and Svan Totseat Giveaway!

svan 150x150 play table ad

CONGRATS TO Natalie Shmigelsky #913! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Since my kids really enjoy having their own things and their very own space, I like to have a play room for them that has furniture that is their size too. That way they feel like it is REALLY their space. I was able to review the Svan Play with Me Toddler Table and Chair Set. This comes in one box and needs to be fully assembled. My brother happened to be over the day that it arrived, so he got the chore of putting it together ;) Now, if you know my brother, he is not too handy with the tools. BUT, he had this table put together in under 30 minutes. I was VERY impressed! The Play with Me Toddler Table And Chair Set came right before Thanksgiving, which was what I had wanted! I needed a table and chair set for the kids to eat Thanksgiving dinner on. This worked out perfectly for my two kids! Fits them great! I opted for the darker colored wood table and chairs (espresso), but this table … [Read more...]

Have You Been Naughty OR Nice This Year? Let Santa Tell YOU!

PicMonkey Collage

I am a Portable North Pole Christmas Magic Ambassador. I received compensation and complementary Portable North Pole products in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. It is amazing how fast years go by now. When I was little, I swear a day was like a month to me, especially Christmas Eve! That day ALWAYS took FOREVER to go by! Now, well, it just flies, sigh.. My kids are now how I was, in that Christmas cannot come soon enough! They are constantly asking me how many more weeks and are curious to see and hear what Santa Claus is up to in his workshop! What little kids wouldn't want to know what Santa is doing?? I was introduced to a very cute website. It is called 'Portable North Pole" and I just love love love it! My kids and I are having a blast in a half with the awesome Santa videos and phone calls! Nothing like a good call or video from Santa Claus to keep your kids on their best behavior ;)   I was not only able to get free Santa videos for … [Read more...]