Personalized Gifts from Tolalu And Coupon Code!


*I received compensation and Tolalu products in exchange for a post about the personalized gifts for kids. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I love receiving and giving personalized gifts. It is just, well, more personal! I recently discovered a site called Tolalu and ordered a personalized grow chart for my three babies. Tolalu are beautifully designed, high quality customized products for children and parents! I have always wanted a grow chart for them, not only to show them how much they are really growing, but for ME as a keepsake! The grow chart I ordered was the 'My Monkey Friend' growth chart. I chose this one, because it was for a boy or a girl and I included ALL three of my kids initials on it! It is for all of them :) It took a bit to arrive (I think maybe two weeks?), but it arrived safely. The growth chart is even cuter in person, those monkeys are adorable! I put this in our toy room, so that the kids can see how they are growing too! Maybe it will also … [Read more...]

New Moldable, Glowing Lumi Dough


*Product was received, but opinions are mine! Kids can get so bored, so easily! I am constantly trying to come up with fun ideas for them to do, to keep them happy and BUSY. Now that the weather is nicer, they are outdoors a lot more, but on those rainy spring days, what are they to do? We like to use the new moldable glowing Lumi Dough! It is totally fun and entertaining and it NEVER dries out! It sticks to windows, counters and more AND, if you make something with it that you just adore and don't want to  get ruined, bake it and it will stay glowing and bendable forever! This is very neat 'dough' and has kept my kids entertained for at least an hour, the first day we got it. They have definitely played with it here and there, since, but the first day was the busy day to play with their new glowing Lumi Dough! Even their friends came over to check it out! The dough is really cool to touch and squish in your hands. It molds very easily and the more you knead … [Read more...]

Dermaflage: Three Simple Steps To Flawless Skin! (3 Giveaways!)


Congrats to Alena Svetelska, Heather Cowley and Richard Hicks *Product was received, but opinions are mine. None of us like to age. I am also NOT saying that I would not ever get Botox or some other kind of cosmetic surgery done, if I had the money, but I would certainly not ever have my face/body cut into. No way. So, for now, I will stick with cosmetics and products that will help me look younger :) Dermaflage is a great product to help achieve a more flawless face. It can cover pock marks, deep-set lines, scars and more. It is really simple to do too. When I first received the starter kit, I was kind of overwhelmed. It looked like a lot of things to do and think about doing and I was not too in to that! But, once I actually could sit down and read the directions, it was EASY to figure out and even easier to do. It was actually kind of fun to do! It literally took me only about 8-10 minutes to put on. That included the mixing and prepping of my skin. This is a … [Read more...]

Tips for Managing Allergies This Season #EyesonVISINE


*This post has been brought to you by The Motherhood and Visine. All opinions are my own. Oh my, do me and my kids get bad allergies in the springtime! Sure we love the warming of the sun on our faces and the outdoor activities, but that also brings us itchy watery eyes, stuffy  noses and more! Of course we do not let allergies get in our way of having fun outdoors and you should not either! Be free, have fun and take care of those annoying allergies! We use VISINE®-A® Eye Allergy Relief Eye Drops to temporarily relieve our itchy, red eyes due to pollen, ragweed, grass, animal hair and dander! We received a sample and are trying it out this season. So far, it has really helped the itchy eyes! At first my kids did NOT like the idea of having me put something into their eyes. Of course that is scary for a child! So, I had them look up and to the side and I slowly dropped some in the outer corner of their eye. That really seemed to work a lot better than just having them … [Read more...]

Bridgewater Candle Company: Great Gift Idea For Mom! (Giveaway)


Congrats to LaTanya Thornhill *Products were received, opinions are mine. I don't know about you, but I love candles! The more the better and they always make a perfect gift for pretty much any woman I know. I would like to introduce to you, the Bridgewater Candle Company. I had never heard of them, until they contacted me and I am so glad that they did, because this is a wonderful site filled with candles and nice smelling things! Right down my alley! I received the Inspirations for Life Bloom Tall Jar Candle, Inspirations for Life Tin Candle Bloom, Inspirations for Life Tall Sachet Bloom and Inspirations for Life Auto Vent Clip Bloom. I was not sure about the strong scent, but once I lit the candles, it was so subtle smelling in my kitchen. Of course when you put it into a smaller room, it will be more potent, but not that much more, so that was nice too. The scent is clean and florally smelling. Very nice for springtime! I also really like the cute designs on these … [Read more...]

essence Cosmetics Now Available In Select Walgreens (Giveaway!)

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Congrats to Kimberly Bauer   *Products were received. Opinions are mine. I love me some makeup and beauty products, that's for sure! What woman doesn't like to look good and feel good? Sure, makeup does not make the person, but it certainly can help make them look GOOD ;)   There is many many brands of makeup that I adore and essence is one of them. Why? Well for one, essence is quality makeup that won't steal all the money from your pocketbook. Another reason? The huge selection of makeup that they have. I know I can always score a whole lot of makeup for a good price! And, if you need another great reason to buy essence cosmetics, I will give you another one.. essence is now available in select Walgreens locations! That is so awesome! I have a Walgreens very close to my home and now I will be frequenting it more often! Yay :) I recently received a wonderful selection of essence cosmetics new products! Oh what a FUN package this was to get! Me and my daughter … [Read more...]